Favorite Links

Here is a short list, among many, of sites that I have found to be interesting and useful. Almost all of them relate to homebrew and QRP.
Don't hang out here too long; shut down that computer and get on the air!

Jim Hale's site, KJ5TF, focuses on QRP and low power Milli-Watting, antennas, and alternative energy. If you're interested in trying QRPp, you need to read Jim's QST article.

Kanga USA. Many fine kits including both the single-signal miniR2 and the Micro-Mountaineer which I enjoy. Bill's variety of stocked kits is growing. Check them out.

One of my "elmers," Larry Thomas, AA3PX, has a page dedicated to Beverage Antennas and other stuff.

Todd, VE7BPO, provides some interesting QRP experiments and projects.

Bob Larkin, W7PUA, one of the co-authors of Experimental Methods in RF Design. This site focuses on his designs in DSP and contains information on his 144 MHz transceiver, the DSP-10.

Roger, KA7EXM, presents information regarding mountain top VHF and UHF operation with some great photos.

Wes Hayward, W7ZOI, describes his many projects and designs, including up to date corrections for Experimental Methods in RF Design. This is a very interesting and informative site which includes some great photos of hiking and backpacking treks with QRP radios.

Steve, KD1JV uses his site to provide information on his QRP projects as well as occasionally offering some interesting kits.

K8IQY's Manhattan Madness Project Page.

A long list of projects from N5FC.

Chuck Adams', K7QO, QRP home page.

XE1BEF Projects Page - a long list of links to hombrew projects.

Amateur Radio Page by N0SS.

Various Circuits and Projects.