50 MHz Transverter


I began working on a transverter for several reasons. Over the years I have enjoyed operating during 6 meter openings, but I presently don't have an HF rig that includes the 6 meter band. There are a few manufacturers who produce 6 meter transverters, Elecraft, Down East Microwave and Ten Tec. The Elecraft and Down East Microwave units are well made, and from all reports, good performers, but they are quite expensive. The Ten Tec unit performs well, but I preferred an IF on a different frequency. Ten Tec uses 14 MHz. (Note: at present, April 1, 2006, Ten Tec is not shipping transverters due to a parts availability problem.) Finally, I simply wanted the challenge of building my own.

Design Overview

The 32MHz Oscillator

This is the same 32 MHz oscillator that I used in my Progressive Receiver and was recommended by, Wes Hayward, W7ZOI.

The RX Mixer

I modified EI9GQ's circuit as follows:

The TX Mixer and First Amplifier Stage

The TX mixer is also based on EI9GQ's design with changes noted below:

T/R Circuit

The TX Drivers and Amplifier Stages

The schematics of these stages are found on pages 6.88 and 6.89 in Expermental Methods in RF Design. Here I simply list the minor changes that I made.

Changes to Figure 6.154

Changes to Figure 6.156 (Power Amplifier Stage)

Construction Photos

RX Mixer Board (showing "dremeled" pads for SMT construction and my 1/10" grid paper drawing)
RX Mixer and 32 MHz Oscillator (clipped together for testing)
RX Mixer and 32 Mhz Oscillator Closeup
TX Mixer and PA Sections (in enclosure for testing; the PA section is partly hidden by the mixer board mounted above it)
Just Before I Installed the Enclosure Lid