The Electroluminescent Receiver

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Price of the Kit and Accessories/Order Form
Ordering Information

Construction Information

Parts List/Contents of Kit

Ham Radio Version || SWL Version

Frequency Stabilizer

LED Frequency Counter

DFD2 Frequency Counter

Circuit Details

Audio Amplifier Modifications

There are three Audio Amplifier modifications for Boards built before Year 2020:
Wiring the Potentiometer
100 Ohm resistor at 2.2mfd Electrolytic - Pre-audio amplifier
.1 changed to .047 at 2N3904 and 2.2mfd changed to 100mfd- Pre-audio/audio amplifier
10 ohm resistor paralleled with another 10 resistor - Audio Amplifier

Board 1 || Board 2

LED Information || Infrared IRED Information

Frequency Stabilizer

LED Frequency Counter

AADE DFD2 Frequency Counter

A Box for the Completed Kit/Labels
Using A CD-ROM as a Reduction Drive

SWL Information

Block Diagram

Front End of the Receiver - Board 1 (Picture)

VFO - Tesla Oscillator (Picture)

Receiver Range/SSB Mods/Modifying NBPF/VFO Frequencies/DDS VFO Info || SWL Information || VFO Stabilization

TV & FM, Broadcast Filters (Picture) || High Level RF Amplifier (Picture)
Varicap Tuned Bandpass Filters (Picture)

Single Balanced Mixer with Single Balanced Post Mixer Amplifier (Picture)

Crystal Filters/IR Main Switching Bank (Picture)

Second Mixer to Audio - Board 2 (Picture)

Second Mixer (Picture) || Crystal Oscillator/Amplifier (Picture)

IF Strip (Picture) || AGC/Mute (Picture) || S-Meter (Picture)

BFO/Amplifier (Picture) || Product Detector (Picture) || Audio Amplifiers (Picture)

Using the Receiver

Parts List of Receiver

Contents of the Kit


LED Diagnosis/Troubleshooting
Board 1 || Board 2

If you are having trouble gettng the
LED Frequency Counter set up, check out the following link.

Checking Band Frequencies

LED Information

Testing Super Bright and Regular LEDs

Modifying the LEDs - Boosting the Visual Impact

Infrared IRED Information

Details of the Infrared Switching

Frequency Stabilizer

"Huff and Puff" Frequency Stabilizer

Frequency Stabilizer Construction

PCB Construction || Stabilizer Board Parts List

Frequency Counters

LED Frequency Counter Construction

LED Frequency Counter Circuit Details

LED Frequency Counter Connecting to Receiver

Using a Rotary Switch for LED Frequency Counter Band Changing

AADE DFD2 Building Instructions

Using a Rotary Switch for AADE Band Changing

Options for Automatic Switching with the DFD2

Using the DFD1 with the Receiver

DFD1 Construction Pictures

Elimination of Frequency Counter Birdies

A Box for the Completed Kit

A Clear Plastic Case for the Receiver

Labels for the Receiver Controls

SWL Information

Complete Instructions for Building the SWL Version

Modifying a Ham Band Version for SWL Reception

AM Detector

Duncan Watson's SWL Receiver

Gary Rondeau's SWL Receiver Modifications

Using A CD-ROM as a Reduction Drive

VFO Tuning with a CD ROM

Shows how to use a large CD-ROM and a page
on zapping one with a Microwave oven/Tesla Coil.

Small CD-ROM Drive

How to set up a small size CD-ROM, which fits on the receiver set up
with the spacers and bottom PCB board.

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