Labels for the Receiver Dials

Right click the images, download, resize in an image program, and print.

The Bandpass Tune for the SWL bands is not ready at this time.

For small knobs, the following are some suggested sizes:

Audio - 1.25" width, 1.21" height
BFO - 1.25" by 0.9"
Bandpass Tune - 1.4" by 1.36"
Injection - 1.4" by 1.35"
Bandswitch - 1.5" by 1.38"
Reset 1.5" by 1.44"

In most picture programs sizing can be done by just entering one of the values, the program will automatically size the other value. This feature is usually called "Maintain Aspect Ratio".

Clear Labels

Laser Printers

One warning: Do not run clear plastic sheets through a laser printer, the heat will melt the plastic. Getting it out of the printer will be a huge hassle.

Copy Machines

Using a copy machine will require a sheet of clear plastic specially made for the purpose that has a 1/2" strip of white paper along one side to let the copy machine register the sheet in the machine.

Do a test with regular paper first to see if the machine has the resolution to print the fine lines.

Ink Jet Printers

Ink jet printers are the easiest to use. Ink jet printers require special clear plastic that is coated on one side to absorb the ink. They also have a strip of white paper with arrows along the top of the sheet.

However, cost is about a $1 a sheet. I found a store that would sell me a sheet at a time. Most packages are 20 sheets for $20.00 plus tax.

If regular plastic sheets are tried, the ink will not adhere very well and take a long time to dry. Smears very easy and not worth the trouble.

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