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Printing an Order Form

If you would like to print/fill out an order form, enclose a check or money order, and mail, then go to the Electroluminescent Receiver Order Form, print the form on the page with your browser, enclose the appropriate monies, and mail to the address on the form.

Ordering by Email

Download the order form at Electroluminescent Kit Order Form.

Go to the Menu toolbar of your browser, click on File, Save As, and save in the My Documents folder (or wherever you want). Open the file in Word, Open Office, or your favorite word processing program. Save the document again with "Save As" and convert the file to an .rtf or .doc document.

Fill out the form, save it (as a .rtf or .doc file), then attach it to an email to me.

Confirmation of Order

I will notify you within 1 to 2 days that your order has been received and confirm the total amount.

If you desire, I will calculate the shipping and send an email with the total amount, including shipping.

I will send an email on the day the order has been mailed with an expected delivery date and tracking number..

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Payment Options

1. USA and Possessions:

Personal Checks and Money Orders make out to:

David White

and mail to:

David White
P.O. Box 71
Pampa, Texas 79066-0071

US Postal Service money orders insure prompt shipment.

We reserve the right to hold checks till they clear.

We do not accept any type of Credit Cards or C.O.D. orders.

2. Canadian orders:

Payment must be Canadian Postal, International Money Order in U.S. funds only. Email me at [email protected] for help if necessary.

3. International Orders:

Please email me to arrange payment: [email protected]

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Shipping Costs

U.S. and Possessions: We will be using the U.S. Postal Service unless you specify otherwise.

Canada and International Orders: All orders will be shipped by U.S. Postal Service. Email me for shipping costs as I have found I get different prices here than you are given in Canada.

Domestic orders:

Go to https://www.usps.com/

At the top of the Home Page, click on "Mail & Ship", then "Calculate a Price".

1. On the first page enter your zip code and mine(79066), then click on "View Flat Rate Boxes."

2. For the Electroluminescent Receiver Kit click on "Priority Mail Medium Flat-Rate Box". Current rate (July 2022) for Domestic shipping is $16.10. Rates have been changing often so check with https:postcalc.usps.com for the latest rates.

For the Beginner's and Experimenter's Receiver Kit click "Priority Mail Small Flat-Rate Box". Current rate (July 2022) is $9.45 for Domestic shipping.

If you want insurance, click on "Extra Services". In the "Extra Services" page put a check in the Insurance box and enter the amount of your order. The amount will be added to your shipping cost.

Add the shipping costs (plus insurance if wanted) onto the Electroluminescent Receiver order form.

International orders:

It would be best to Email me ([email protected]) and I will let you know the cost to your country.

Go to https://www.usps.com/international/.

Go to the top of the page and click on "Ship & Mail".

1. Click on the drop down arrow and enter the country you are from, then go to "View Flat Rate Boxes" icon.

2. For the Electroluminescent Receiver Kit click on "Priority Mail Medium Flat-Rate Box". Current rate for International Shipping is between $70 to $76.

For the Beginner's and Experimenter's Receiver Kit click "Priority Mail Small Flat-Rate Box". Current rate is $38.60 for International Shipping.

3. International Insurance Information:
The Beginner's and Experimenter's Kit will be covered with the automatic indemnity coverage that comes with Flat Rate Boxes.

The Electroluminescent Receiver Kit and the Blue Lightning Transceiver will be covered with the automatic indemnity coverage ($200.00) that comes with Flat Rate Boxes.

Add the shipping costs onto the ELR Kit order form or the BLT kit order form.

The U.S. Postal Service home page is https://www.usps.com/ in case you have any problems with the above links, you can start here. The site is well done and you should have no problem finding your shipping costs.

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Warranty and Support Information


Support for the kit is by email at [email protected]. Return emails will be prompt except for times I am traveling.

Please Note: The warnings, cautions, and instructions discussed in the instruction manual cannot cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur.

It must be understood by the builder/operator that common sense and caution are factors which cannot be built into this product, but must be supplied by the builder/operator.

Build the kit with SAFETY in mind and click here to read the Safety Precautions for the kit.


This kit is sold with a 90 day limited warranty. Any defective parts returned during the warranty period will be replaced free of charge. Replacement parts are warranted for the remaining portion of the original warranty period.

If the receiver does not work, a flat fee of $50, with postage, will be charged to repair it. If it is determined the malfunction is due to a defective component, it will be repaired free of charge.

You are welcome to email me, with pictures of the problem (both above and below the board), and we will work to fix it. I will send you any parts that are needed free of of charge.

The correction of assembly errors, adjustments, calibration, damage due to misuse, abuse or negligence are not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not include reimbursement for inconvenience, loss of use, or time spent on assembly.

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Personal Note

This receiver has been made to be as easy as possible to build, diagnose, and align as I could conceive.

If you are unsure of your ability to build the Electroluminesent Kit, try building the B & E Receiver Kit first. This kit is an simple version of the ELR kit, using the same superheterodyne theory. A thorough study of the Beginner's and Experimenter's Kit will help you prepare to build and understand the ELR.

Soldering errors will account for 99% of the problems with this kit, so please be careful with your soldering. Have a magnifying glass handy to check your soldering and parts placement.

I have soldering tutorials on my links page, please check them out if you have not done much soldering.

If you are a beginner, try and find an Elmer (a helping friend in Ham Radio language) to help you build the kit.

Don't hesitate to email with any comments. Your comments help improve the receiver and the instructions.


David White, WN5Y

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