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DFD2  Digital frequency readout kit for Collins S line, FT101, Heathkit SB301 and TS520

Globe Scout 680 - Simple Audio Modification
Harbach Electronics Product Instruction Sheets  .pdf file format
Swan 6 B Manual  Just scroll halfway down the page to the Swan 6 B manual
T-368 Modifications

Collins 30L-1 Manual
Collins 30S-1 Manual
Collins 32V-3 - Modified Speech Amp/Driver  by WA1HLR
Collins 75S-1 CW Filter Installation  .pdf file
Collins Amateur Service Agency Bulletins
Collins Parts  Harbach electronics
Collins R-390A 32V AC Wiring Danger  by Chuck, WA4HHG
Collins R-390A Audio Modifications  by Chuck, WA4HHG
Collins Radio Equipment Manuals
Collins Service Bulletins and Service Information Letters
Souping Up the 75A-4  .pdf file

Drake Manuals and Schematics
Drake Parts  Harbach electronics
Sherwood / Drake R-4C

Johnson Ranger Modifications
Johnson Ranger - Simple Audio Modification
Johnson Viking I and II - Audio Conversion
Johnson Viking I and II - Audio Conversion  by Ed, KS3K

Hallicrafters BC-610

Hammarlund SP-600 Audio Modifications  by Chuck, WA4HHG

Dialcord modification for SB/HW drive belts  by N4NRW
Heath Mail List No Subject - Message Body Text: subscribe HEATH
Heath Schematics at Bama
Heathkit "Cross Reference"  Cross Ref List of Heathkit p/n's to Indusrty Std
Heathkit DX60 Audio Mods  by Bob, K4TAX
Heathkit DX60 Audio Mods  by Bill, WC3K
Heathkit DX60 - Modified Speech Audio  by KS3K
Heathkit DX100 - Audio Modifications
Heathkit DX100 - Low Cost Drive Pot Replacement  by Norm, WB2SYQ
Heathkit DX100 - Screen Modulation Optimization
Heathkit HA 10 Warrior Amplifier diagram
Heathkit Manuals
Heathkit Master Parts List -
      PDF File #1  3.38 MB
      PDF File #2  2.84 MB
      PDF File #3  2.93 MB
      PDF File #4  2.92 MB
Heathkit Message Board
Heathkit Mod SBM-102-1
Heathkit Parts Available
KB7RGG's Heathkit Product Matrix  Service Bulletins, Equip list by p/n with photos etc
Modified HF kW Amplifers for 6m  Conversions for SB200, 220, 230, 1000 & other brands
QSK for the TL-922 & SB-220 With Circuit Improvements for the TL-922
SB-200 Amplifier Rebuild Notes
SB-200 Keying Modification  Schematic
SB-200 Modifications
SB200 Parts  Harbach electronics
SB-200 Resources  Restoration, upgrading, parts, etc
SB-200 Standby Mod  by N4NRW
SB-220 - Adding 160 Metre Coverage
SB-220 Amplifier Circuit Improvements
SB220 Parts  Harbach electronics
SB-220 - Putting The Amplifier On 6M  Schematic
SS-101 Wiring Diagrams  Harbach electronics
The Heathkit Shop  Nice collection of Heathkit Ham gear
Two RIT Mods for the HW-101  PDF file, by N4NRW

Extended TX for 706mkII  by OH6KTR
IC-706 Extended RX Mod  by OH6KTR
IC-706 Extended TX Mod  by OH6KTR
IC-706 Extended TX (1.6-54MHz)+ The Yellow Wire RX Mod  by OH6KTR
Icom IC-706 Review  by G4ZFE
IC-706 Yellow Wire RX Mod  by OH6KTR
Mods For The Icom IC-706  by G3YCC
Receiver Modifications for the IC-706  receive 300 Khz to 185 Mhz - by OH6KTR
IC-746 Mods  by W4LD
IC-775 Mods  by W4LD
Simple ICOM CAT Interface  by OK2WY

JRC Plug Pinout

Kenwood Plug Pinout
TM-D700A Mods
TM-D700A Software

Standard Plug Pinout

FT-51-800 Mod
FT-100 Resource Page  by WM7D
FT-101 - Audio Modifications  by Bob, N1UJS
FT-101 HF Transceiver Home Page  History, mods, specs, & more, by NW2M
FT-817 Discussion Group  Discuss the operation of and modifications to this QRP rig
FT-920 Resource Page  by WM7D
FT-1000MP Page  Dedicated to the FT-1000MP enthusiatist, by VA3CR
Yaesu Plug Pinout

Modifications Listing by
RS232/TTL Interface Schematic  To control a rig - by Jon, KE9NA
Tech Info  for homebrewing, modifications, repairs, AM theory, and lots of schematics
Various Radio Modifications