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QRP Homebrew Links
Also check my Home-Brew Pages for more projects, and QRP rigs.

A Compact L-Match ATU for Portable Use
AI2G's 6L6 Transmitter Schematic
Amateur Radio Construction Projects  by John, K0JD
C-L-C QRP Antenna Tuner  by JN3WVM
Frequency Agile 80m CW QRP Transmitter
JN3WVM's Home Page for Homebrewers
Pocket sized 20m (30m) CW QRP transceiver  by S56AL (ex S57NAN)
QRP by OK1DPX  Lots of good info and projects
QRP HomeBuilder  Amateur and Short Wave Radio Electronics Experimenter's Web Site
QRP T-R Switching  Simple T-R Switching for Full QSK by 7N3WVM
QRP2004 DSP-free Direct Conversion Transceiver
RF Power Meter for the QRPer  Measures up to 25 watts
S56AL Ham Radio Projects
Simple QRP Equipment  by PA2OHH
6BM8 Transmitter  by PA3GNR
80m SSB & CW QRP superhet transceiver  by S56AL (ex S57NAN)
6m SSB & CW QRP transceiver  by S56AL (ex S57NAN)