Various QRP transceivers
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QTH: Spain
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Simple technology and low power!
Simple low-budget radio technology and harmless QRP power, that is what you will find here. There are some complex designs but many designs are simple radio amateur circuits. They will never be used professionally!
These simple circuits and rigs can give you much fun: home brewing, portable activities during holidays, etc.
Batteries and inverted V dipole antenna's with a fishing rod as the center support are all you need to make many QSO's.

Simple low-budget "Barefoot Technology" and "Barefoot Power"
is all you need to collect a shoe box with QSL cards!

Simple Barefoot Technology radio projects!
Once I wanted to quit the radio hobby. High QRO power, expensive transceivers, high antenna masts with large antennas, I had a lot of stress and little fun.
I wanted a new radio life. Only simple and cheap radio projects! And only barefoot in the shack! Barefoot to avoid static electricity and barefoot is the symbol of challenging simplicity and minimalism! The moment I took off my shoes and socks for the first time and walked barefoot in the shack felt like a liberation. Soon the stress disappeared and the fun in the radio hobby came back!

Much fun!
Simple low-budget radio technology can give you much fun, but... There are disadvantages like VXO control instead of a VFO, direct conversion receivers that receive both sidebands and simple frequency displays that are not so easy to read. But working with such simple equipment is often more exciting than working with a much better commercial transceiver.
Perhaps that you cannot believe that you can make many QSO's with QRP power of only 1 watt. Indeed, some practice is needed in the beginning so do not give up too soon. Every boring standard QSO becomes an exciting experience with QRP power!




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Miguel is very active with home brewing and QRP.
He has a very nice home page that you certainly should visit!
We have almost the same call, only one character difference!

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