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Amateur Radio Secrets  'Amateur radio kits' by VE2DPE
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Chip Quik, Inc  SMD (Surface Mount Device) removal kit
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Etherkit  Devoted to open source hardware
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Genesis G40  40m All-mode 5W SDR Radio Transceiver KIT
Hendricks QRP Kits  Kits, parts, building tips and more...
HF Bands QRP Linear Amplifier  by SM0VPO
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K Series Keyers (KLEL)  by K1EL
KD1JV Designs  QRP Kits and Projects for the low power Amateur Radio enthusiast
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QuirkyQRP Ham Radios  Home of the "KeychainQRP", World's Smallest HF Ham Radio Transmitters
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The Electronic Cookbook Archive
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YouKits  Quality, well designed kits