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Links For The Homebrewer

Alex's Electronic Resource Library
Antenna "Guru"
Circuits for the Hobbyist  by VA3AVR
Coax Data  by Bill, NJ7P
Crystal Grinding  by Ian, VK2TIP - grind to raise frequency. Also tells how to lower frequency.
Digital Modes USB Interface  Cheap and easy to build - by Kevin, KB9RLW
Digital Works  Freeware program for designing digital circuits
EAGLE PCB Light Edition v7.6  Free PCB CAD software - Windows 2K thru Windows 7, Linux, or Mac
EAGLE PCB Light Edition  Free PCB CAD software - older versions
ExpressPCB  Free PCB CAD software - Windows NT, 2000, XP thru Windows 7
FreePCB  Free, open-source PCB editor for Microsoft Windows
Front Panel Designer  Freeware for Winows, Mac OS X and Linux
G3YCC's Homebrew Corner
Glowbugradio Forum  Yahoo! group
Harry's Homebrew Homepage
Homebrew Projects You Can Build  A good selection of antennas, by Palos Verdes ARC
Homebrew QRP is GUD 4 U
Homebrew Radios - Vintage Radios
IK1KFH Homebrew Site
JAN Decode  enter military equipment nomenclature, click on "lookup" - by Bill, NJ7P
KØJD  John's amateur radio construction projects
KM3D Homebrewers' Page
K9KLT  Ron's creative solution to power line QRN
KD9JQ  Chuck's ham radio homebrew projects
KZ4AK  Woody's homebrew radio gear (ex-WB4QXE)
Moxon Antenna Project  Small size antennas
NimbleSig III  100KHz - 200 MHz dual output DDS RF signal generator/power level meter by Tom, VA7TA
NS80  Greg's 160M CW/SSB transceiver
NTE Cross Reference Search  Replacements for over 470,000 industry devices
Penn State Component Database
Poor Man's DVS-2  Circuit diagram, and story
SMØVRO  Harry's Homebrew Homepage
SMØVRO Visitors' Circuits
SM6LKM  Johan's 80M DSB transceiver and linear amplifier
Sound Card Test Equipment Software  Freeware
Spectogram v14  Audio spectrum analysis for Windows 2000/XP - Demo
Spectogram v5.1.17  Audio spectrum analysis for Windows 95/98 - Freeware
Target 3001  Free PCB CAD software by PCB Pool
Tech Info  for homebrewing, modifications, repairs, AM theory, and lots of schematics
The Electronic Cookbook Archive
The XTAL Set Society
TinyCAD  Freeware
Tube Data  Enter tube number, click on "lookup" - by Bill, NJ7P
USi Homebrew  Homebrewing for portable operation
VE6VIS  Full wave loop antennas for 80 & 40 meters fit most city lots
WN5Y  David's amateur radio receivers
WinPic  PIC programmer for Windows 95/98/XP by DL4YHF
7N3WVM  Homebrewed radios in Japan - Great links too!