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All Spectrum Electronics  QRP Kits, Receivers, Transmitters, Amps, and more
Amateur Radio Receivers
CanaKit  Canada - High quality electronic kits & modules
Carl's Electronics  electronic kits, robotic kits, test equipment & more
Circuit-Test Kits
Communication Concepts  HF/VHF/UHF amps, LP filters, broadband RF transformers
Elecraft  Innovative Electronic  Kits
EMTECH  QRP kits and more
Far Circuits  Printed circuit boards
Five Dash Inc.  SoftRock transceiver, receivers, SDR, by KB9YIG
Fox Delta Amateur Radio Projects & Kits  Excellent website by Dinesh, VU2FD
GenesisRadio  SDR radio transceiver kits
Hendricks QRP Kits/Pacific Antenna
HobbyPCB  HF/VHF/UHF/Arduino/Uno Plus. Built by Hobbyist for Hobbyist!
Kanga (U.K.)  Kits, Mini-Yak keyers, crystals and much more
Kanga (U.S.A.)  Importer of products from Kanga U.K.
Lake Electronics  Radio related kits and products
NorCal 40A  by Wilderness Radio
Oak Hills Research  QRP products
Parallax  Educational and custom kits
QKits  Canada
RH Electronics  Capacitance meter, LC meter and more...
RP Electronics - Canada  Experimenter kits and modules
SDR-Kits  GPSDO Reference Oscillator, Vector Antenna Analyzers, Wideband Receivers
Small Wonder Kits (NN1G)
Spark Fun Electronics  Kits and more...
Ten-Tec  Worldwide reputation for excellent radios and kits
The Xtal Set Society  Crystal Radio Kits and Parts
Vectronics  Receivers, keyers, etc
Velleman Kits  U.S.A.
YouKits Technology  Quality, well designed kits