Kittitas County Amateur Radio Club - KCARC
Special Events Station K7K - 140th Anniversary of Kittitas County

KCARCS has the use of the K7K 1x1 callsign from Nov 1, 2023 to Nov 7, 2023 to celebrate the 140th Anniversary of the founding of Kittitas County. We will be hosting a Special Events operation to celebrate the anniversary. Club members are eligible to use the callsign after coordinating with either Gary, W7DVB or Bob, AI7CS.

The current official schedule is as follows:

  • Date: Nov 4 and 5, 1600Z-2200Z UTC (9am to 3pm PDT)
  • Frequencies: SSB: 14.275 MHz, 21.285 MHz to start, +/- QRM and band conditions.
  • Frequency: CW: 14.050 MHz, +/- QRM and band conditions.

Please note: There may be other frequencies and bands in use, depending on who is available. In addition, there may be some POTA activations using K7K during this period, which will also be available for contact. Check the POTA spotting page for listings.


For those who would like something to commorate the contact with K7K, an 8 1/2 x 11 inch certificate will be available for an S.A.S.E to the address below. Please be sure to include your contact data with your mail or email request.

If you would prefer an electronic certificate, please send an email to:

Next Meeting
When:Saturday April 06, 2024 at 08:00 AM
Where:The Palace Cafe in Ellensburg, WA.
N7KGS Repeaters
Output Input Tone
Sky Meadows VHF 147.360 147.960 131.8
Sky Meadows UHF 442.200 447.200 131.8
Ellensburg VHF 146.720 146.120 131.8
Stampede Pass VHF 147.360 147.960 141.3
Stampede Pass UHF 442.200 447.200 141.3
Beverly UHF 442.200 447.200 141.3
Acceptable Use Policy
RACES Repeaters - K7RHT
Output Input Tone
Sun East VHF (2m) Repeater 147.000 147.600 131.8
Sun East UHF (70cm) Repeater 444.45 449.45 131.8
Sun East 6m - 50 MHz 52.800 51.100 131.8