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HSMM in WI - Know High Speed "Packet" applications in Wisconsin

February 2010 - A report on the status of WAPR and the network.

December 2005 - WAPR Packet Radio Frequency Coordinator resigns, possible gateway in Racine.

June 2005 - Editors new email address and coming respite

April 2005 - N0GMJ turns over treasurer duties to N9BQM.  Ham Implementation of 802.11 Packet Radio - Part II

December 2004 - Ham Implementation of 802.11 Packet Radio

November 2004 - Packet Resurgence, K9ALS returns, Green Lake node may return and the the importance of "Packet Play"

August 2004 - Manitowoc Node Stack Sold, Algoma Nodes Off-Air, Ham Implementation of 802.11 Packet Radio - Packet Radio IP Address Coordination Update

April 2004 - Radio replacements and GRBBBS taken offline. Introduction to 802.11 Packet Radio

February 2004 - WIBALD reactivated, and a peek at the Icom ID-1 D-Star radios.

December 2003 - KB9BYQ/K9ALS shuts down his Appleton node stack and BBS, Tomah node stack is also off the air. New Janesville BBS, and Packet Radio, WAPR and the Future

August, 2003 - Synopsis: #446CR (Crivitz) makes a reappearance, Web Site updating coming soon, and remembering N9IIE.

June, 2003- Synopsis: WISTB Reappears, K9KJM puts up an APRS Node, and N8WQG still working on the Iron River node stack.

April, 2003- Synopsis: Even more on integrating 802.11b into our networks, and a call for experimenters to let us know what you're doing with 802.11b

February, 2003 - More on 802.11b and incorporating it into our network, and why we need high-speed packet.

December, 2002 - A look back and a word of thanks to those who provide network facilities for packet radio users.

November, 2002 - Meeting in Oshkosh, planned changes for the National Weather Service Packet station in Green Bay and work in progress on theIron River node.

Minutes for the October 26th WAPR meeting.

September, 2002- Synopsis: Joel, N9BQM has Motorola Mitrek radios for sale, Manitowoc Node Stack is off the air, still looking for a node in the Wausau area, and a commentary.

August 2002 - Andy explains what the Amprnet is in BBS message.

July, 2002 - Synopsis: N9GHE Node Stack in Manitowoc is up for sale, KB9QWC shuts BBS off for relocation, and the WAPR meeting is coming.

May, 2002 - Synopsis: The story of "Dr. Chaos" and how he affected the amateur community in Northeastern Wisconsin,  MIIRN Node is back on the air.

March, 2002- This is a big report that catches up on the last 6 months. This was done due to distribution problems with the BSSS. Kind words for the late Jim Romelfanger, K9ZZ, and current network status update. Also, note that the BSSS is now bi-monthly, and our news reports will follow that format.

January, 2002 - New backbone node near Mayville, one on the way near Fon-Du-Lac, a reminder to turn in your Wisconsin ARES-RACES group communications plan, and the need for a backbone node in the Wausau area.

December, 2001  - News of the WAPR web site, the meeting that took place at the FCARC Swapfest on November 4th,  Aaron KB9QWC generates a node map, the new Wisconsin ARES-RACES packet mailing list, and a TNC replacement at the Rudolph site improves linkages

Meeting Minutes - From the November 4, 2001 meeting at the FCARC Swapfest.

October 2001 - Preparedness for terrorist attacks, internet worms and vulnerabilities.  Information on upcoming WAPR meeting.

September 2001 - Automated report-and-print system at the Green Bay NWS office, Internet worm-hole vulnerabilities.

August 2001 - Commentary on BBS mail primer and BBS mail configuration conventions.

July 2001 - Notes on 145.610 Mhz ARES packet

June 2001 - WD9ESU, Lodi node and BBS for sale

May 2001- Another packet radio survey responses shared.

April 2001 - Wind takes down WD9ESU tower, BBS and node stack. And another packet radio survey responses shared.

March 2001 - WD9ESU is handling the treasurer's position, three member surveys shared.

February 2001 - Includes the Jan 20 meeting minutes held at the Pittsville Fire Station

January 2001- A packet users survey introduced

December 2000 - How to deal with increasing speed on our network and LANs and future planning.

November 2000 - Rudolph node site fixed, problems with a MSYS BBS

October 2000 - Packet gateway used as potential spam relay fixed.

September 2000 - Is the Internet the Packet Radio Answer?

July 2000 - Ron, N9CFN passes away, Andy takes over IP address coordination, WAPR looses its website.

February 2000 - Notes on packet connection to Madison during Y2K, Linux and Packet Radio Part 5

January 2000 - Door County backbone node online, WA9KEC BBS taken down, N9QIP pulls the plug on his large node system.  Linux and Packet Radio Part 4

December 1999 - Waupaca backbone and LAN activated, as well as Sheboygan BBS and backbone. - Linux and Packet Radio - Part 3

October 1999 - August meeting minutes, Linux and Packet Radio - Part 2

September 1999 - Western and central parts of the state finally connected, Y2K & MSYS, Linux and Packet Radio

August 1999 -Special presentation to be held at upcoming meeting, and updates on past articles.

July 1999 - New statewide flood-message designator, NEDA was near dissolution recently, Toward a Faster Packet Radio Network

January 1999 - Digital Weather Reporting on the Horizon

March 1998 - Minutes from the Eau Claire meeting in January. N9CFN replaces N9UDL as IP coordinator, KE9LZ seeking to be replaced as frequency coordinator

April 1997 - More information on how to cure data decode errors due to audio ground loops and improve performance.

March 1997 - Data decode errors due to audio ground loops

January 1997 - Minutes from the November meeting, Green Bay, Black Creek and Neenah 9600 backbones are in place.  Also updated node list.

December 1995 - Node Coordination Statewide List

March 1995 - Minutes from the Jan meeting held at Ashwaubenon High School, Green Bay.

January 1994 - Membership list - 107 members

April 1987 - Proposed band plan, and next meeting to be held in Appleton, March 21st

February 1987 - New board elected at the January 10th meeting

December 1986 - List of WI Bulletin Boards and digipeaters.

November 1986 - New; BBS in Eau Claire, La Crosse digipeater, Manitowoc callsign change.

August 1986 - Extensive WAPR meeting notes held at the South Milwaukee Swapfest, including a proposal for Wisconsin

March 1986 - 63 people attend the January meeting, steering committee converted to board of directors.

December 1985 - WAPR purpose is to Promote and Coordinate a Complete Statewide Wide Network for Packet Radio in Wisconsin, as decided at the Nov. steering meeting.

November 1985 - Notes on the regional meeting held September 20

October 1985 - Reports from West-Southwest WI, Milwaukee, and the Northwoods

August 1985 - First official meeting of the Wisconsin Amateur Packet Radio Association came to be a reality. On July 13th, 1985- 42 members attended


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