WAPR News - March 1998

by Andy Nemec, KB9ALN

Minutes of WAPR meeting of January 31,1998

The meeting was held in Eau Claire, attended by N9BQM, AA9AW, N9UXC, N0GMJ, WD9HFT, and W9NNS. and was called to order at 1:16 PM. AA9AW was appointed to take the minutes of the meeting in the absence of the secretary. N9BQM is to transcribe the minutes and publish them.

N0GMJ presented the group with the bill for tower rent for the Timm's Hill site with indications that he has paid the 1998 site rent per previous agreements.

N9CFN has assumed the duties of the TCP/IP coordinator replacing N9UDL. Those with a need for an IP number can contact Ron Nelson N9CFN at: [email protected]. Please give your name, call sign, the call of the station for which a number is being requested and it's alias and location together with your phone number, e-mail address if possible and address.

KE9LZ Steve McDonough has requested that a replacement be found for him as packet frequency coordinator. WB9TYT has been contacted regarding how he would like this done and a reply is awaited. Anyone wishing to serve in this capacity is asked to contact either WB9TYT or N9BQM.

The current frequency list as found at TAPR was circulated for corrections.

There was a discussion of TNC parameters that can be tried to attempt to improve throughput of existing links.

A discussion followed regarding paths to Eau Claire and the Twin Cities from the remainder of the WAPR node system.

A motion was made by W9NNS and seconded by N0GMJ to place 2 6 meter nodes at Chippewa Falls (WD9HFT site) and Nielsville (KF9XX site) linked to the existing 145.69 node at WD9HFT and the proposed 440 node at the KF9XX site. N0GMJ is to furnish an antenna for KF9XX site and N9UXC is to furnish a 9k6 TNC. N9BQM and KF9XX are to furnish the remaining items for the site. W9NNS is to furnish antennas for the WD9HFT site and a new one at W9NN'S-6 Meteor Hills plus radios tor both WD9HFTand KF9XX sites. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 3:30 P. M.

Notes by AA9AW at meeting. Transcribed by N9BQM Feb. 2, 1998 and published by e-mail and rtwis method on that date. Published in the Badger State Smoke Signals on March 1,1998.

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