WAPR News - November, 2002

by Andy Nemec, KB9ALN

Hello, everyone. Hope you're all prepared for Winter - we all know it's on the way and if you're like most hams, you have gotten all of your outdoor station maintenance chores done.

The big news for this month is really in our Meeting Minutes. We were able to have a good meeting in Oshkosh, thanks to the efforts of Aaron, KB9QWC. He was able to set us up in the Coughlin Center, a great facility for a meeting. I've included the meeting minutes elsewhere on this page.

There is some additional news, the restructuring of the packet station at the National Weather Service Office in Green Bay. As you know, this station has been operational for the last couple of years (save for a few times when the station was being upgraded), and it's about to get more recognizable. We'll be changing it's operation to that of a node, complete with alias, so it willl be easier to connect to from the network. The equipment to make this possible is ready to be installed very soon.

For the temporary, it will still be KB9ALN-4. However, we are in the process of getting a club call for the Packerland Amateur Skywarn Society. We will also try for a vanity call that is indicative of it's purpose. Keep your eyes on the node lists for an appearance from NWSGRB.

I've also received a note from Leroy, N8WQG in Crystal Falls, Michigan. Regular readers may remember that Leroy operates the MIIRN node near Iron River, in the U.P. He tells me that work on that node is progressing, although slowly. So far, the feedline has been replaced, and next is the antenna. He is also attempting to find the problems with an intermittent Motorola Mitrek radio for the site. Like a lot of amateur radio facility sites, it's a little tough to get to, especially in Winter. Let's hope all goes well and he can get things together soon. The node currently operates, but sometimes is a little slow due to the weakend signal.

That's about all of the news, with the exception of what you'll find in the meeting minutes. As always, I'm interested in hearing your news. Drop me a line at one of the addresses at the top of this page if you have any news to share.

In the meantime, 73 from Andy.

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