WAPR News - April, 2003

By Andy Nemec, KB9ALN

Hello everyone, welcome to Spring. Let's hope we nature gives us a good one, without too much bad weather.

There's not too much new to report these days, but plenty coming down the pipe. There has been a lot of continuing discussion involving the newest packet mode - the WIFI 802.11b, and it will be sure to capture our attention in the coming months.

As you know, the Amateur Radio usage of this technology has been the focus of the ARRL High Speed Multi-Media Working Group (HSMMWG) and it's application has been nicknamed the "hinternet" (Ham Internet). I've written on this before, and I'm certain we'll be hearing more about it in the coming months.

One concern we will need to address is the combining of the existing network this new technology. Eventually, more people will invest in this new technology, and as that happens, we will be forced to consider this:

 We will want to investigate this technology for use in our network. Which means that WAPR will want to look into this technology, and develop policies for connecting the existing network with other amateur networks. Keep an eye out for more discussion on this in the coming months.

Which brings us to a related topic - are you experimenting with the "hinternet", and what are you doing with it? Want to share your experiences? We can certainly make room for a guest in this space. If you're interested in filling us in on your experimentation, Please drop me a line.

That's all for this month. Until next time, 73 from Andy.


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