WAPR News - April 1987


The next WAPR meeting will be held on Saturday, March 21 in Appleton. The meeting will be at the Holiday Inn (right off hwy 41) and will begin with a buffet lunch at 12:30 ($5.95 per head soup, salad and build-your-own sandwiches). The meeting will start sometime around 1:30, after everyone has finished chowing down.

The main topic of the meeting will be a bandplan for packet in Wisconsin. The board has a proposed plan which will be presented for your comments and consideration. We will also discuss the design of a state-wide network to link the various LANs together.

WAPR plans to hold at least one of its meetings per year in Northeastern Wisconsin. This is a good chance to get together with others who are interested in this mode of communication, and to have a say in how packet radio grows in Wisconsin.


This is an announcement from your Riverland packet conference planning committee (N0BUI, W9HWQ, WD0ELS, W9LZQ) that the Second Riverland Area Packet Conference has been scheduled for April 4, 1987 (Saturday) in Trempealeau, Wisconsin.

What we need from you now is a list of agenda items that you would like included in the conference. If you have suggestions etc., please leave a message for W9LZQ in the BBS. We are looking for all good ideas and also if there are areas of packet radio you would like more information on, let that be known also.

We are inviting amateurs from all areas of Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin to attend. No door prizes, just good rap sessions! Last conference was an instant success! Lets make this another one...


I have a PBBS on the air. The frequency is 145.050 MHz. The board has been running since early December and there have been many changes since then. I have tried to keep up to date W1AW bulletins listed. I have many text files, basic programs and files for binary file transfer available, along with a lot of other goodies. So why not drop in on 145.050 and give it a try.

P.S. Please tell your friends about this newer board.

Robert.. WD9ANY

"MSN" .01 DIG1 QSY

Effective March 15, the .01 "MSN" digipeater will cease 24 hour operation. N9IF should function as an alternative Madison area digipeater for most paths.

Some time between March 15 and May 1, "MSN" will QSY to the ten meter Novice band. The expected coverage should vary from 100 to 300 miles depending on antenna direction and configuration. 1200 Baud/1000 HZ shift will be used initially unless a different ten meter "standard" is established.


145.010 MHz.- Mail forwarding backbone and long haul comm. Intended for mail fwding and long distance real time communications.

145.030 MHz. - Keyboard communications and experimentation. (BBS free freguency) This freguency will be designated real time communications. No BBSs should be operated on this frequency.

145.050 MHz. -LAN frequency local area network frequency for Appleton/Green Bay and vicinity. Local BBSs should be located on this frequency for the users of the LAN.

145.070 MHz. -LAN frequency local area network frequency for Madison and vicinity. Local BBSs should be located on this frequency for the users of the LAN.

145.090 MHz. -LAN frequency (Already activated) local area network frequency for Milwaukee and Metro area of SE Wisconsin. Local BBSs should be on this frequency for the users of the LAN. (This group is already implemented and has been operating for the past 9 months with excellent results)

145.610 MHz. - Computer to computer operations for high rate of file to file machine xfers. i.e. machine language transfer of files.

This is the total recommended allocation at this time, other frequencies are available but will not be assigned until they are necessary, this will allow us room to grow as new technologies and levels are put into operation.

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