WAPR News - December, 2001

by Andy Nemec, KB9ALN

Hello and Happy Holidays from the WAPR Board members to everyone. We Hope your holidays are indeed stress-free and fun.

As BSSS printed-version subscribers know, November's issue was absent due to illness. We wish our best to Jim.

Web users can now get the WAPR news and monthly features on our web site, which is nearly 100% finished as of this writing. By the time you read this in the BSSS, it should be completely finished. Right now, the current "Node Information for the Sysop" series, in addition to an updated and prettier "Using the Wisconsin Network" appears there. The WAPR By-Laws are there, along with a membership application you can print out, fill out, and mail in to become a member. You'll find all of this at:


You'll see the index there with links to the various features, news included. There are even archives of the more recent months news. Speaking of links on web pages, BSSS Web readers can link to the WAPR Page by clicking on the WAPR button. Thanks to Jim at the BSSS for arranging this.

November 4th brought me to the Fox Cities Amateur Radio Club swapfest at the Sabre Lanes in Menasha. In addition to having a good time visiting with people and buying a few things, I attended the WAPR meeting we had. Thanks to the Fox Cities ARC for accommodating us and arranging a great, out of the way, yet convenient room. We had a good meeting with a lot of good discussion. I do have meeting minutes from the meeting. Not all of the officers attended, but we did have a good showing. The minutes appear in a separate column.

Due to the range of the network part of the discussion, some coverage of the discussion may be a little sparse. Some of it has is being addressed and may be subject to change. As the situation changes, I will have news updates on our web site.

One of the results of the meeting was the generation of a Node map of known network nodes. This was put together by Aaron, KB9QWC and is available on the WAPR web site as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file requiring Adobe Acrobat to read. Look on the Home page for a link to it. Thanks a ton, Aaron, this has been needed for a long time.Thanks also to everyone who shared information on the presence and capabilities of the nodes shown on the map.

One more thing that anyone who deals with Packet and ARES should know about. That's the Wisconsin ARES packet internet mailing list. Ray Meyer, N9PBY arranged for this and already it has generated a lot of interesting discussion on the state of Packet Radio with regard to Emergency Operating. To subscribe to the list, simply send an E-Mail message off to:

[email protected]

You can leave the subject and body of the message blank. In fact, you may want to erase your signature, if you normally have one on your outgoing E-Mail. That's because this is all done by machines, and it's best to not confuse them.

You'll get a return E-Mail message asking you to confirm your desire to join the list. After you confirm, you'll get a welcome message with instructions on how to send mail to the list, and how to unsubscribe should you wish to do that at some point.

One late development to report. Thanksgiving weekend, Joel, N9BQM replaced the TNC used for the backbone connection on 440 MHz at the Rudolph node site. Aaron KB9QWC reported that there was now a solid connection between #RUD4:W9DQA-5 in Rudolph and #446OG:N9WBR-4 in Ogdensburg (Central Waupaca county near Iola). This means that there is a much more reliable connection between two different parts of the packet network - Central and some Western parts with the Eastern part.

That's all the news for this month. Remember the new E-Mail address for me, I am always looking for news and other information about the Wisconsin packet radio scene.

Until next month, 73 from Andy.

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