WAPR News - March 1995

WAPR MINUTES January 28, 1994

Meeting called to order at 10:10am, Jan 28, 1995.

Kent W9LZQ expressed thanks to the Ashwaubenon High School Tech Club for providing the meeting room for us. The AHSTC made an announcement that they would be hosting swapfest Apr 8th 95. Contact Chad Stiles N9PAY for details at 414-494-2936.

Board of directors was introduced, followed by individual introductions.

Kent W9LZQ apologized to the folks from Waukesha, where the meeting was originally scheduled to be held, during the Waukesha swapfest. He continued to say that next January the meeting will be scheduled for Waukesha, and that it was our intent to move the meetings around the state, so that no area is left out of participation.

The minutes of the Oct 8th meeting were read by Tom N9UDL and unanimously approved.

Kent W9LZQ read the treasurer's report he has received from Ted N9LLT. Current balance was $1,667.41. Currently 130 members in WAPR. The. report was unanimously approved.

The following committee reports were given:


Joel N9BQM said that he is updating the WAPR node map, and asked that all node/bbs operators furnish their current information, including their current neighboring nodes/bbses to him. (Freq. coordinator Steve KE9LZ later said to direct this information to him, and he'll forward to Joel. See his report below for info.) Kent W9LZQ asked the status of the WAPR brochure, and Joel N9BQM said that he had the information for it put together, but that he needed help with layout. Tom N9UDL volunteered to help with layout of the brochure. Kent said he'd like see this happen before Madison swapfest.

Freq. Coordination:

Steve KE9LZ said he hadn't had much information to work with, and was trying to build a database of node/backbone information. He stated that he would be following WAR guidelines for coordination. He has created a form for submitting node/bbs information. Please fill out this form and return to Steve if you have any node/bbs operations. Steve said that he would send the form out via the network. Contact Steve KE9LZ if you cannot find the form. Steve stated that regional frequency coordinators had been recruited: AA9AW for the western part of the state, K9RRS for the southern part, and he is still looking for someone in the northwest part. Steve was asked if we got our info into the ARRL repeater directory by the deadline, and Steve commented that the information he had received was so out of date that he thought it would be better to wait until we had correct information to submit. He said that we would have plenty of time to correct this by next year.

N9CFN made a motion to grant the Ashwaubenon High School Tech Club an honorary WAPR membership. Unanimously approved.

Old Business.

Dan WB9TYT wanted to explain the history of the Slinger nodes, and what has happened. Dan is now running the nodestack at his home. His BBS is accessible from the network or on 145.690 via WB9TYT-7 or on 144.930 via WB9TYT-9 & then C WB9TYT. This then led into a lengthy discussion of the statewide network status. Dan pointed out on the map the current paths in use by the network. Holes in the network are increasing

hidden transmitter problems, as people are trying to use BBS's outside their immediate area. Dan WB9TYT related an incident where he had burned an EPR0M for a sysop, and asked to have his costs covered. The sysop was outraged, because he apparently thought that WAPR was providing services at no cost to others. Kent W9LZQ reinforced that WAPR didn't fund everything on the WAPR network, that most of the expense is covered by the sysop operating the BBS/node. WAPR assists where it can in sharing some expenses, but only when they are made aware of a need by a WAPR sysop and there is agreement that it is a good use of WAPR funds.

Discussion of the network status led into discussion of restricting direct backbone access to BBS/node operations. The comment was made that this was mostly an issue of education, and that users would probably use the system more effectively if we posted articles in BSSS presenting correct use of the network. There was discussion of articles currently being written by Andy KB9ALN. There was general agreement that there was more we could do in educating the packet end users.

Kent W9LZQ asked if we should form a standards committee, and if backbone access was the kind of issue that should be studied by such a committee. There was agreement, but no action was taken.

New Business.

Possible Future Meeting Locations: April: Madison Swapfest (firm) June: Stevens Point

July: South Milwaukee Swapfest (possible extra meeting) October: La Crosse

Dan WB9TYT asked if he should post messages he receives from the MSYS Internet mailing list as bulletins. There was agreement that this was a good idea.

Kent W9LZQ said we needed to inventory WAPR owned equipment. Please forward information you have on such equipment to [email protected]

Ron N9CFN gave an update on the TCP/IP activity in the Green Bay area. Ron commented on some of the benefits of using TCP/IP software for packet.

There was an update on TCP/IP address coordination procedures. Please follow these instructions for acquiring an IP address:

For IP address requests, and to report problems contact:

Wisconsin and Michigan UP except areas below:

Thomas Landmann, N9UDL 
209 W Randolph Street Stoughton, WI 53589 
Office: (608)263.1650 Home: (608)877.1104 
E-mail: [email protected] 
AX.25: [email protected]#SCWI.WI.NOAM 
CompuServe: 76020,2055 (checked infrequently)

Please include the following information with your request:

Name, Call, Postal Address, Phone, Internet Email, Packet Address, Name of nearest major city and distance.

Green Bay Area:

Ron Nelson, N9CFN
1448 Garland Street, Green Bay. WI 54301
Phone: (414)435-7949
E-mail : [email protected]
Home BBS : [email protected] 
Mailbox : [email protected]#GRB.WI.USA.NOAM 
AMPRnet : [email protected] [] 

Appleton Area:

Ron Nelson, N9CFN (temp, info above) and

Alan Van Dynhoven, KB9BYQ
1211 George St Apt 5, Appleton, WI 54915

Sheboygan Area:

Julian Macassey, N6ARE 
210 Bleyer Drive, Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53081-8714
E-mail: juli[email protected]
Phone: (414) 457-0874

Manitowoc County Subnet

Ron Nelson, N9CFN (temp, info above)

Tom N9UDL told about an Internet mailing list for discussing packet radio as it exists/will exist in Wisconsin. You can subscribe by sending email to "[email protected]" with the following text in the body of the message: "subscribe wi_packet FirstName LastName Call". Leave your signature off, as it may confuse the listserver.

Reminder that the policy concerning dues will be discussed and voted on at the June meeting. Please come to this meeting if you are concerned about possible changes in dues.

Meeting was adjourned.

April 8th Ashwaubenon High School Brown County ARES Swapfest

There will be a packet demo for folks who have not been exposed to packet radio, as well as a TCP/IP demo for those folks who have not been exposed to this interesting new mode. There will also be a meeting of the North East Wisconsin region Packet Group. All other WAPR members from other areas are invited to attend also.

After the demo, a short talk explaining the packet radio network in Northeastern Wisconsin will be given. We will be explaining how the network is set up, what areas it covers, how best to use it, and the future plans for the region. We will also have a short discussion and Q&A session after the talk. All interested parties are encouraged to attend.

The 'fest will be held at the Ashwaubenon High School, 2391 South Ridge Road from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. Talk in is on the 147.075 AHSTC repeater, which has a + .600 offset, and PL of 107.2 Hz.

The Packet meeting will start at 10:00 A.M.

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