Wisconsin Amateur Packet Radio Association

Supporting and managing the Wisconsin Amateur Packet Radio Network



Wisconsin Packet Radio Stations - 2019 (google map) - By Ken, W9GM

[email protected] - This group is focused on the use of packet radio in Wisconsin, including keyboard-to-keyboard, BBS, APRS, Outpost, Winlink, Networks & other packet radio applications.

Sound Card Packet - If you are paying over $40 for a TNC read this.

Raspberry Pi 9600 Baud TNC (TNC-Pi9k) - KD0QYN - Also lists radios currently available and their BER 

TCP/IP information - collection of resources.

HSMM in Wisconsin  -


WAPR is nearly defunct, and what follows on this webpage has been resurrected mainly for informational purposes.  Please read the updated news and notes, for more information.

What is WAPR?

WAPR is an organization of Radio Amateurs (Ham radio operators) that enjoy and support digital radio communications. We call this "Packet Radio", and it's kind of like the Internet without wires, or more accurately, the forerunner of the wireless Internet.

WAPR has members located throughout the state of Wisconsin. Our mission is to promote and manage a digital radio network in Wisconsin, to coordinate radio frequencies used in this network, to help this network grow, and to educate packet radio users on it's use. WAPR is recognized by the National Frequency Coordinator's Council as the official packet radio frequency coordinating body in the state of Wisconsin.

WAPR is a non-profit organization operating under I.R.S. 501(c)3 regulations. We maintain several network nodes throughout Wisconsin, and use the majority of our funds to accomplish this. Our monthly newsletter appeared in the now defunct Badger State Smoke Signals, a monthly general-interest Amateur Radio periodical that served Amateur Radio operators in Wisconsin and neighboring areas.

Feel free to browse this site for educational materials concerning Packet Radio, News and other information of interest to hams that are interested in, or are currently using Packet Radio.


Here's the index of information and resources available on this site:

What is Packet Radio?   - A short explanation of packet radio with very basic technical information.

WAPR Band Plan   - This lists the packet radio frequencies used in Wisconsin and their purposes.

Wisconsin Packeteer News Archive   - Past news reports that you can browse.

WAPR Organizational By-Laws  - Legal stuff.

"Using the Wisconsin Network" index   - This is a 40-part series that originally appeared in the  Badger State Smoke Signals

Node Information for the Sysop  - This is a work in progress. It is currently appearing in the BSSS  and additional parts will be added after they appear there.

Article- Web Pages on Packet?  This is an update of an article that first appeared in the Badger State Smoke Signals and later in CQ-VHF and CQ Magazines.

Information on obtaining an IP address This is a link to the IP Address Coordinator for Wisconsin or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The State of Wisconsin Amateur Radio Packet Backbone Network - 2002

The State of Wisconsin Amateur Radio Packet Backbone Network - 1993

The State of Wisconsin Amateur Radio Packet Backbone Network - 1992

Tuscon Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) - This is the web site of this national organization devoted to the promotion and of Packet Radio in the national arena. They have an extensive software library and offer information, kits and other resources for the packet-active ham.