THE WISCONSIN PACKETEER - Newsletter Notes - November 1986

Submitted by Steve, WB9ZRE

Wisconsin Amateur Packet Radio Assn.  P.O. Box 1215, Fond du lac, WI 54935

---- Notes from around the state ----

Todd, N9EQP has setup a BBS on .01 in Eau Claire.

Rick, W9LZQ in Onalaska has setup a wide coverage digipeater for the la crosse area.  W9LZQ-1.  The digi consists of a 32k Radio Shack model 100 and a MFJ TNC.

Patt, KD9UU is reported to be working on a new digipeater.  Specs and location unknown.  Pat likes to fox hunt and challenges anyone to discover the loaction "if you can".

Manitowoc's digipeater, N9AVX-9/N9AVX-2 is reported to change its call to KD9ZF-9/KD9ZF-2.  Additionally, it is located on a 200 foot tower and has conference bridge capability to N9AVX-2.  Typing A "Control-U" will display the other stations (up to 6) on the bridge.  Everything transmitted on the bridge is displayed to each station online making it great for roundtables, without the hassle of switching streams/channels or seeing all other QSOs.

---- Packet Skywarn? ----

There are bits and pieces heard here and there that packet is in use for Skywarn operations.  This has prompted me to initiate information requests on various bulletin boards to try and track down a working system to copy for Wisconsin.  After all, as an information relay network, packet resigns supreme in amateur radio.

My efforts have met limited success.  There are two groups working toward developing a packet skywarn network in Wisconsin.  Perhaps with active participation by more packeteers, a network could be active by spring of 1987.

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