How important is Logistic for a dx-pedition?

Look to this picture!      

It is only a part of our equipment and we

are only two persons.

Have fun with our dx-pedition.

But don't ask for more modes/bands and don't blame us

Ausruestung.jpg (30867 Byte)

Our previous DX-peditions tours:

DXCC Period Call Babs Call Lot
Australia permanent VK6LB VK6ZG
Namibia November 1991 V5/DL7AFS V5/DJ7ZG
Australia April/May 1994 VK5AFS  
Zimbabwe April/May 1995 Z2/DL7AFS Z2/DJ7ZG
Australia April/May 1996 VK5AQA VK5APZ
The Gambia Nov/Dec 1996 C50YL C53HP
Australia April/May 1998 VK2ILP VK2ILQ
Seychellen April 1999  S79YL S79ZG
Balearic Islands March 2000 EA6/DL7AFS EA6/DJ7ZG
Vanuatu Oct/Nov 2000  YJ0AYL YJ0AZG
Tonga Oct/Nov 2000 A35YL A35ZG
Dominican Republic March 2001 DL7AFS/HI9 DJ7ZG/HI9
Gibraltar 2001 ZB2/DL7AFS ZB2/DJ7ZG
Ceuta 2001 EA9/DL7AFS EA9/DJ7ZG
Mocambique 2001 C98DC C98DC
Solomon Islands 2002 H44LB H44ZG
Temuto 2002 H40T H40T
Mocambique 2002 C98DC C98DC
Uganda 2003 5X1DC 5X1DC
Macedonia 2003 / 2004 Z38Z Z38Z
Tobago 2003 9Y4/DL7AFS 9Y4/DJ7ZG
Norfolk 2004 VK9NB VK9NB
Lord Howe Island 2004 VK9LB VK9LB
Bosnia-Herzogowina 2004 T98LBC T98LBC
Cyprus 2005 5B/DL7AFS 5B/DJ7ZG
Andamans 2006 VU4AN/VU3SIG VU4AN/VU3SID
India 2006 VU3SIG VU3SID
Lichtenstein 2006 HB0/DL7AFS  
Kangooru Island 2007 VK6LB/5 VK6ZG/5
St. Lucia 2007 J6/DL7AFS J6/DJ7ZG
St. Vincent 2008 J8/DL7AFS J8/DJ7ZG
Dominica 2009 J79ZG
Jersey 2009 MJ/DL7AFS MJ/DJ7ZG
Antigua 2010 V21ZG  
St. Barthelemy 2010 To7ZG
Antigua 2011 V21FS V21ZG
Cocos Keeling Island 2011 VK9CX
Montserrat 2012 VP2MYL VP2MGZ
Cape Verde 2013 D44TXT