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St. Lucia

September 2007


The QSL-card

This is the QSL-card of our

J6 - DX-pedition!


The QSL-Info

QSL via the German QSL-bureau DARC to DL7AFS

or direct to:

Baerbel Linge, DL7AFS
Eichwaldstr. 86
D-34123 Kassel

Please remember if you will send several QSLs in one envelope, to include enough postage ...




       DL7AFS (Babs) -

       DJ7ZG (Lot) -

       DL2ZAE (Ju) 

       (left to right)

     active as J6/DL7AFS



DL7AFS, Babs and DJ7ZG, Lot  starts again another activity!

Between the 22nd  of September and 11th of October 2007 we will stay in St. Lucia

Our 3rd Operator will be Ju - DL2ZAE (HSC, EHSC)

He will take over the CW-activity this time.

Depending on the condx we are planning to activate 3 stations simultaneously on 6m to 160m.

  QSL direct or via DL7AFS



Any further news will be published on this homepage: 

22-Sept-2007  - They are working with one callsign (dl2fag)!

25-Sept-2007 - First Logs arrived and published (dl2fag)

26-Sept-2007 - Tonite 80m and 160 mtr activity expected (dl2fag)

27-Sept-2007 - 160m activity next days between  02:00 and 04:00 UTC on 1.824 +- MHz  - before and after that time on 3524 +- MHz

                         Logs are updated (till 27-Sept-07 00:00 UTC)

28-Sept-2007  Logs are updated (till 28-Sept-07 12:00 UTC)

29-Sept-2007  Logs are updated (till 29-Sept-07 15:00 UTC)

01-Oct-2007  Logs are updated (till 30-Sept-07 16:00 UTC)

01-Oct-2007  Logs are updated (till 01-Oct-07 15:00 UTC)

03-Oct-2007  Logs are updated (till 03-Oct-07 13:00 UTC)

                      160mtr activity around 02:00 and 4:00 Z - if band will closed /no activity - QSY to 80mtr / 40mtr

04-Oct-2007  Logs are updated (till 04-Oct-07 11:00 UTC)

05-Oct-2007  Logs are updated (till 05-Oct-07 16:00 UTC)

06-Oct-2007  Logs are updated (till 06-Oct-07 13:00 UTC)

07-Oct-2007  Logs are updated (till 07-Oct-07 13:00 UTC)

08-Oct-2007  Logs are updated (till 08-Oct-07 12:00 UTC)

                      The activities on 160/80/40 are difficult due to high QRN and thunderstorms 

10-Oct-2007  Logs are updated (till 09-Oct-07 20:00 UTC)

12-Oct-2007  Final Logs are updated


      Location of J6/DL7AFS