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Last update: 16.04.10

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The QSL-card

This is the QSL-card of our

C9 - DX-pedition!


The QSL-Info

QSL via the German QSL-bureau DARC to DL7AFS

or direct to:

Baerbel Linge, DL7AFS
Eichwaldstr. 86
D-34123 Kassel

Please remember if you will send several QSLs in one envelope, to include enough postage....



Welcome to the webpage of our next activity



A special thanks for the people of the Bazaruto Pestana Logde for their extended support and help during our stay. 



News: (16.04.10):

Their exact location is in Grid KG78rj.

I am expecting the first logs end of this week or maybe next week!

Teammembers left to right:

Rei, DL6DQW, Babs, DL7AFS, Lot, DJ7ZG and Rei�s wife.

Logs of C98DC and C98RF are uploaded (till 30-Sep-02)!!

Unfortunatly most of the C98RF-log has to be edit. So only partly the log is available. The rest of the log will be uploaded in the next days

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Inhambane District group including Bazaruto you will find it among the RSGB IOTA Directories most wanted groups.
The Bazaruto Archipelago is a group of small islands situated approximately 40 kilometres off the Mozambique coast. Large parts of the islands, and especially Bazaruto Island itself, remain in a pristine state.
Bazaruto is the largest (35km long), and northern most of the five islands which comprise the Bazaruto Archipelago. As islands go, the three biggest (Margaruque, Banguerus and Bazaruto) are comparatively recent, having formed around six thousand years ago. The tiny Bangue is even younger, and is thought to be about three thousand years of age Saint Carolina (previously known as Paradise Island) is considerably more ancient, having established itself an estimated 120 000 years ago. All but the latter were most likely part of the Cabo Sebastiao Peninsula, aeons ago.
The human population of the Archipelago is estimated at some 4 000 people. Most are concentrated in sixty or so fishing villages but there are many refugees from the mainland. The master plan recommends the resettlement of the refugees, back to the mainland when conditions are suitable. The islanders subsist on a diet of fresh fish and other marine foods, coconuts and maize traded with the mainland. Their primitive fishing techniques are currently considered to have little impact on the fish stocks but the situation is being carefully monitored.

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Babs, DL7AFS and Lot, DJ7ZG will be active again from Mozambique. (recent C98DC-DXped. Oct.2001 to Inhaca Isl. - click on here!)

After some days of preparations, we will start our 2  weeks-activity around the 24. September 2002

We will operate from  Bazaruto Island in the northern part of  Mozambique (IOTA: AF-072).

In Maputo we will meet Rei, C98RF (DL6DQW) and we will go together.

He will do CW and 6m and using his C98RF call.

We will operate SSB on the usual DX-frequencies and RTTY / PSK mostly on 18101 kHz.


Look for us on usual DX-frequencies.



C98RF (CW , 6m)            via  DL6DQW


More Information will be announced later.

Check this page for updates


An Online-LOGSEARCH will be available after the return from our tour.  

All QSL's will be manage as usual by Babs, DL7AFS

                  Baerbel Linge, DL7AFS
                  Eichwaldstr. 86
   D-34123 Kassel

More infos will be publish step by step on this page.           >>> Keep online <<<

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