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Cape Verde 

October/November 2013



DL7AFS, Babs and DJ7ZG, Lot  starts again another dxpedition!

We will be QRV from Oct  19th till Nov 7th  on IOTA AF-005

QTH Santiago Island , Capo Verde - LOC: HK85FA

10-80m - mainly in RTTY, PSK31, PSK63 and SSB  -  QSL via DL7AFS

Look on the usual DX-frequencies                    HERE is our log! (via ClubLog - opens a new window)

The QSL-Info

QSL via the German QSL-bureau DARC to DL7AFS

or direct to:

Baerbel Linge, DL7AFS
Eichwaldstr. 86
D-34123 Kassel

Please remember if you will send several QSLs in one envelope, to include enough postage ...



Any further news will be published on this homepage: 

 19-Oct-2013 -   Due to sporadic power-interruption, it can be happen, that we have to interrupt (temporary QRT) our activity!!!!!

20-Oct-2013  -   Logs updated till 19-Oct-2013 19:00z

21-Oct-2013  -   Logs updated till 20-Oct-2013 19:50z

22-Oct-2013  -   Logs updated till 21-Oct-2013 20:40z

23-Oct-2013  -   Logs updated till 22-Oct-2013 22:00z

24-Oct-2013  -   Logs updated till 23-Oct-2013 20:00z

25-Oct-2013  -   Logs updated till 24-Oct-2013 20:00z

26-Oct-2013  -   Logs updated till 25-Oct-2013 22:00z

27-Oct-2013  -   Logs updated till 26-Oct-2013 22:00z

28-Oct-2013  -   Logs updated till 28-Oct-2013 05:00z

29-Oct-2013  -   Logs updated till 29-Oct-2013 05:00z

30-Oct-2013  -   Logs updated till 30-Oct-2013 05:00z

31-Oct-2013  -   Logs updated till 30-Oct-2013 01:00z

01-Nov-2013  -   Logs updated till 30-Oct-2013 07:00z

03-Nov-2013  -   Logs updated till 30-Oct-2013 06:00z

04-Nov-2013  -   Logs updated till 30-Oct-2013 09:00z

05-Nov-2013  -   Logs updated till 30-Oct-2013 20:00z

08-Nov-2013  -  Final-Log online