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November 2012


       VP2MYL                     VP2MGZ

                         Babs                                                                       Lot

DL7AFS, Babs and DJ7ZG, Lot  starts again another dxpedition!

We will be QRV from Nov  5th till Nov 19th  on IOTA NA-103

10-80m - mainly in RTTY, PSK31, PSK63 and SSB  -  QSL via DL7AFS

Look on the usual DX-frequencies                 

Here are the logs:   VP2MYL      and       VP2MGZ      (via ClubLog - opens a new window)

Our location on the island
Our QTH with two "triple leg" antennas
One of our "triple leg"-antenna in the


Babs - VP2MYL - with Heil Headset  - We overlooking 270 degrees of the Caribean Sea

"One of our two operating stations" - Elecraft K2 on top the interface "One", Notebook, Amplifier 700W


Calm Volcano on the island

A single house "survive" the volcano eruption!
The QSL-Info

QSL via the German QSL-bureau DARC to DL7AFS

or direct to:

Baerbel Linge, DL7AFS


Any further news will be published on this homepage: 

07-Nov-2012   First logs uploaded (till 07-Nov-2012 1800z)

09-Nov-2012   Logs uploaded (till 09-Nov-2012 1000z)

11-Nov-2012   Logs uploaded (till 11-Nov-2012 0200z)

13-Nov-2012   Logs uploaded (till 13-Nov-2012 0130z)

14-Nov-2012   Logs uploaded (till 14-Nov-2012 2000z)

17-Nov-2012   Logs uploaded (till 17-Nov-2012 0100z)  - It looks, that during the data-transfer some QSO's are

                      mixed between our two callsigns. In our local computerlog the data are ok!

20-Nov-2012   Logs uploaded (till 20-Nov-2012 0900z)