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Luis Cupido - CT1DMK

Microwave designs and experiments up to 10GHz.
Microwave designs and experiments above 10GHz.
Millimetre-wave designs and experiments.
Sub millimetre-wave designs and experiments.

Wire Bonding setup (for mW and mw-wave)
Wire Bonding experiments and repairs

A new FFT spectrometer for Radio Astronomy.
A Radiometric IF with better than 0.001dB resolution.
Radio Astronomy experiments.
Radio Astronomy observations. ( including the paper at the 8th EME conference )
Spacecraft RX at the DSN bands.
My EME Activity up to 1296MHz.
My EME Activity above 1296MHz.
Some interesting EME statistics.

144MHz, Kilowatt Amplifier with a GU74b.
432MHz, Kilowatt Amplifier with a GS35b. ( as published in DUBUS 4/96 )
1296MHz, Half Kilowatt Amplifier with a GI7b.
Automatic NF Measurments with a Spectrum Analyser. ( as pub. in UKW Berichte 2/98 )
A switched mode TWT Power supply. ( as published in DUBUS 1/99 )
Phase lock a VCXO to a standard 10MHz or to a GPS(1pps)
The ultimate Stellex YIG sinth. controller.

Articles published

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