Radiometric IF

An Intermediate Frequency (IF) module with total power measurement USB interface and data logging capabilities.

This module would fulfil most of the gain of a receiver and can interface directly to the front-end mixer and delivers the signal into an SDR's ADC directely, or it can be used just as a radiometric back-end for a system's IF providing a fine resulution measurement of total power.

Works under PC control but may also work standalone (logger mode). Accepts a micro-SD card for unattended logging of data and interfaces the PC via USB.

It measures total IF power within more than 60dB range with ultra fine resolution (better than 0.001 dB resolution), provides most of the IF gain of the receiver chain, Standard IF about 70MHz or 140MHz with typical 5% bandwidth.

Also monitors temperature with 0.01deg resolution with 1 internal sensor and up to 5 external sensors. Has two auxiliary digital control lines, and monitors also the supply voltage.

This is was born out of a professional application but I made it available to the ham and non professional experimenters comunity too.
If this is of any interest, you may want to visit the original page for information LC-Technologies.

Any comments: Luis Cupido