The Ultimate plug and play Stellex Mini-YIG Synthezizer controller.

The stellex synthesizers are quite popular in certain Ham circles. They can easily provide a local oscillator for 5.7GHz (Ham Band) for 8.5GHz (DSN RX) and for 10GHz (Ham Band) depending on the actual frequency range of the YIG you have.

The controller scheme presented here is the ultimate plug and play solution for the RF minded ham that don't want to spend any time on digital and software/microcontroller developments.

You need an Arduino nano 3.0 (or compatible/clone)
You need a couple of voltage regulators and minor stuff (see diagram on the pdf file below)
You need to connect a few wires (not many... less than a winter saturday night effort).
You need to run the "stellex_k.exe" that is a PC software(windows) I provide below.
And nothing else.

Note that you don't need to have any of the Arduino tools installed, neither you need to know anything about microcontrollers or programming.
This is a truly plug and play for the RF & MW minded amateurs out there.

You may find instructions and a schematic diagram here: Stellex_ctrl_by-ct1dmk.pdf

You may find the software here:

This is quite an old project that for some reason was not made public before...
Now, due to some popular demand, here it is for all to enjoy.

Hope you find this development interesting.

Any comments: Luis Cupido