Some EME activity statistics.

A good measure for activity and active stations is the ARRL EME contest participation.

The top score does reflect nearly the total active stations while the the performance of the 10th place gives an indication for how a medium station would have felt the activity.

- Monoband top score station was considered. In the case of a multiband stations scored higher the way ARRL presented the results (without per band breakdown after 2003) I may have listed lower nr of QSO's. If you are a Top score and info differs or know better than what is on the ARRL score sheet please drop me an email
- In the recent years where Assisted and Unassisted categories existed the Unassisted category was considered. It would make little sense to have 30+ Years of unassisted EME compared with anything else.
- Year 2003 CW score on 2m is probably wrong since there was no distinct digital and CW categories. It is likely that it is however correct on 70cm and 23cm since not many digital QSO's hapenned and certainly not by the top score stations.
- After year 2011 10th place values are estimates. I will update if I gather more information.

Year 2003 CW score is probably innacurate since there was no distinct digital and CW categories.

Year 2008 digital score is probably burried in a multiband station score. Impossible to tell from the listing scheme ARRL used that year.

2000-2003 CW scores here at 23cm is probably correct albeit no distinct digital and CW categories I do believe that all QSO's were CW.

Any comments: Luis Cupido