432 MHz Kilowatt + Amplifier with a GS35b.

The Russian VHF triode GS35b is specified to operate up to 1000MHz rated 1.5kW anode dissipation but the tube geometry makes the construction of a compact, stripline amplifier very difficult. Considering it's low price and availability I put some effort in the devlopment of a powerfull compact amplifier with the GS35b for 1.5KW (and over) output power at 432MHz.

Used in heavy EME since Mar. 1995

The outside look:

The plate cabinet:

The cathode cabinet:

If you want to know all about this design, download here my article as published on DUBUS 4/96:
"Yet Another kW Amplifier for 432 MHz"

Reproductions of this design by: DL6NAA, KA0RYT and DL3IAE with good results. Also under test at F5PMB. Any others ?
The input circuit was also used by DL4MEA in his 70cm GS35b Amplifier.

If you know of any other hams with this design let me know: Luis Cupido