Radio Astronomy Experiments with a 5.6m Dish.

Brief description of my Radio Astronomy set-up.

All equipment was designed and built from scratch.

I use my 5.6m dish antena at several frequency bands (but one at a time).
All the downconverters where made to have a 144MHz (EME converters) or 137MHz (RA converters). This way was possible to use just one design of radiometer to cope with experiments at any of the bands I can setup a feed and converter for.

Take a look of some observations I made with this system. Some RA observatios

The block diagram of the high freq. part of the system.

A total power radiometer follows the converter output:
( A Dickie switch type is now under construction )

The outside view, 19' sized front panel.

The block diagram of the radiometer.

RF gain, DC gain, integration time and DC offset can be set manually.

Inside the radiometer.

View of the amplifier and filter stages.
(SMD components in a alu. machined box)

Any comments: Luis Cupido