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Dave Smith, W6DPS
Amateur Extra

There was a time when hams built most of our own stuff, and some of us still enjoy the ability to make and modify our own rigs and accessories.
Here are some of my projects that I hope others will find useful. If you find one useful, or have any questions, please E-Mail me!

Ham Radio 3D Printed stuff
Ham Radio related things that I have printed. Some that I found on Thingiverse and others that are my designs.
Updated July 14, 2020

Homebrew Hamstick Dipole
A simple antenna that can be built with simple tools and techniques and works for portable operation. Not intended to rival a log periodic up 120 feet, it can be set up by one person.
Updated July 6, 2020

ARDF Transmitter Controller
A simple, arduino controlled, ARDF controller for use with VOX HTs.
Updated June 13, 2018

70cm Rocket Tracking Transmitter.
A simple, arduino controlled, 70cm transmitter for rocket tracking.
Updated June 13, 2018

A Simple Way to Run APRS Using only a Droid and HT With VOX
I stole this from a post at 4x4Ham.com.
Updated June 13, 2018

Initial set up of Broadband Hamnet on a Raspberry Pi.
The beginning of an ongoing project using inexpensive Raspberry Pi computers with Broadband Hamnet (BBHN) for general and emergency communication.

An easy to build "Drive-On" antenna base for portable operation.
Construction project that also has the advantage of using reclaimed lumber.

A vertical antenna base for portable operation.
Construction project that proved very useful for Field Day and similar opertion.

An easy to build QRP tuner for End-Fed Half-Wave antennas.
Kit construction projects, one for the Rockmite and one as a stand-alone. Unfortunately the kit is no longer available.

A Small, Simple QRP Transciever for the 40 Meter QRP Calling Frequency.
A kit construction project, which includes a built-in antenna tuner and SWR indication. Unfortunately the kit is no longer available.

A simple homebrew touch sensitive paddle for use with your CW keyer.
A simple paddle solution for use with my IC-718.

An easy antenna project for FM Satellites.
My latest attempt at an antenna you can steer without being a body-builder.

An easy antenna project: 220 and 440 "Cheap Yagi" Antennas.
I was exploring this easy method to build antennas.

A Power/Control Interface Module for my APRS tracker.
Update to my tracker system based on two years of operating experience.

A very simple kit construction project: an APRS tracker for use while 4-wheeling.
My experience with building a Tiny Tracker 3+ kit from Byonics.

Last updated 6/15/18