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Dave Smith, W6DPS
Amateur Extra

There have been a few hams who have linked to this site, and some who produced Youtube videos that credit this site for the project. I get very happy when my scribblings help someone out or give them an idea that works!

Droid and APRS 1

Touch Paddles 1

Touch Paddles 2 (in German)

Droid and APRS 2

Droid and APRS 3

Video of EFHW tuner with reference here.

Video of Touch Paddles (in Spanish)

Droid and APRS 4 (in Portugeuse)

Droid and APRS 5 (in Czeck)

Droid and APRS 6 (in Spanish)

Droid and APRS 7 (in Russian)

Simple Yagi (in Tablisi)


E-Mail me if you link any content on this site please!
I would love to add it here...


Last updated 6/15/18