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ARRL National Traffic System
Message Management Application for Traffic Handlers
Copyright 2014  D. Lane Kendall WK4WC
Version 1.7.6
Build 1508171800 August 15, 2015

What's New in 1.7.6

RTC Overview
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Screen Resizing
Getting Started
Using RTC
Setup / Maintenance
NTS Digital Features
Reference / Web Access
Bulk Traffic
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Graphical user interface
Small screen footprint on your computer screen lets you run other applications as well as RTC.
Optional main screen resizing and font selection.
Secondary screens are small and can positioned as needed.

Free-form editor includes…
Automatic message text formatting and word count (check) verification.
Create, delete and clone messages
Easy navigation features using message index as well as a “Find” feature
Convert typed characters to upper case
Remove unwanted punctuation with the “Clean” feature
No save button. Changes are stored instantly as they are entered.
Data filters allow the user to view active, complete or all messages
Maintain and import NTS Standard Text (canned) messages into the editor
Maintain an address book of commonly used recipients
Maintain drop down codes for message to, from and via fields
Maintain, generate and track outgoing message numbers
Individual radiograms can be previewed and/or printed
Notes field for personal notes about message delivery attempts etc

Station Activity
Station activity are calculated instantly.
SAR reports can be previewed and/or printed
Originated, Received, Sent or Delivered information for each radiogram
Automatic time / date stamping

Internet access from RTC
Web based callsign lookup using and other sites
Launches website for telephone number lookup. Multiple website options
Launches mapping website for city location. Multiple website options
Interface with AirMail software (NTSD)
Generates text for outgoing NTSD messages including To: and Subject for AirMail.
Seamless import of NTSD messages from AirMail.
Export directly to Airmail
NTSD statistics are included as a part of station activity reporting.

Setup and Static Table Maintenance
Manual time offset so you can use local or UTC for automatic received / sent time recording
Backup database to a folder of your choice
Reset secondary window positions on exit
Re-index tables and purge deleted records
Archive and retrieve records to text

New in Version 1.7.6
Resizable main screen with selectable font
Popout to notepad editor for "Notes"
Create bulk traffic easily with Text Merge and Import
Station Activity Report Enhancements including year to date reporting
Find feature added to the standard text and address windows as well as NTS Reference screen.
Edit menu on Message Numbers window
More external website options on the phone lookup window, callsign window and maps
Support for foreign or unusual callsigns
Major changes to the RTC to AirMail 2000 interface including completely automated export from RTC to AirMail