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Six Metres the magic band
Six Metres:The band of challenge and excitement. The only band where you can have the best of two worlds - HF and VHF propagation.

Brief History of Six Metres

Before  amateurs had access to 50Mhz, Hams operated on the 5 metre (56-60MHz) band using mod oscillator rigs. Then in the 1950s that band was   withdrawn and 50-54 Mhz was gained.  But changes to the TV Frequency allocations in the sixties (known as the "Huxley Policy") changed the number of channels from 12 to 13.  Two new TV channels were introduced: 0 and 5A.

Channel 0 (45-52 Mhz) came on air in Australia in the 60s. We then lost the bottom two Megahertz of 6 metres and had to cope with intense TV video crud and angry neighbours knocking on the door when our transmissions caused TVI to their channel 0 reception.

This also hampered 6 metre DX operation, with overseas stations transceivers and antenna systems all peaked tuned to 50 MHz, not 52 MHz.  However some 50/52 QSOs were made.  A lot of negotiations and submissions to the authorities in the early eighties resulted in no action.

Eventually due to commercial reasons only, Melbourne and Brisbane changed to Channel 10 and another network, SBS, dropped Channel 0 to continue on UHF Channel 28.  After further negotiations, amateurs regained the use of 50 Mhz with various conditions enforced throughout Australia.

Operating Conditions for  50-52 Mhz
Conditions for VK5 VK6 VK7 VK8 VK9 VK0
Amateurs in these areas may use 400 watts PEP 50-52.000 Mhz on a non- interference basis to the reception of  Channel 0 Television.

Conditions for VK1 VK2 VK3 VK4

Amateurs in these areas may only use 50-50.300 Mhz 100 watts PEP with no operation allowed 50.300-52.000 Mhz.

Other restrictions

                                                           No operation on 50 Mhz is permitted
                                                    1= Within 120 Kms of a main channel 0 TV station.
                                                    2= Within 60 Kms of a channel 0 translator station.
                                                    3= Within 60 Kms of a translator with a channel 0 input.

Main channel 0 stations in Australia are located - DDQ-0 Toowoomba QLD and ABMN-0 Wagga Wagga NSW.

Hopefully these restrictions will be more relaxed in the near future but in the meantime we must obey all offical ACA regulations,After all we all worked hard for what we have got now.

50 - 52 Mhz Band Plan in Australia
                                           50.000 - 50.080   CW only
                                   50.080 - 50.100   CW  only: International DX Window.
                                   50.100 - 50.150   CW/FSK/SSB: International DX only.
                                   50.110 - International DX calling frequency.
                                   50.150 - 50.300 CW/FSK/SSB:DX or local.
                                   50.300 - 52.000 All Modes VK5/6/7/8/9/0 only.

Note  =  52 - 54 Mhz segment  is used for all modes including FM, Packet radio, Repeaters, and W.I.C.E.N , 52.525 Mhz  is the International FM calling Frequency.

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73 Lionel Curling VK3NM VK6DC

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