My Thoughts on BPL - Broadband over PowerLines

By Lionel Curling VK3NM/VK6DC

Just imagine you are working DX on your favorite band whether it's 20 Metres or 6 Metres and on the next day
all you can hear are 40 over nine data noises all over the band even worse than Channel 0 TV video crud.
Also imagine you are in the outback of Australia or on a small boat in the middle of the ocean and you are in a
life threatening emergency but your pleas for help cannot be heard by stations interfered by BPL.
Remember only dollars count. The BPL companies are pushing hard to get BPL fully laid out with the blessing of
our Government and get all interference protection removed from all HF users.
It seems Government and BPL operators think downloading MP3s, logging on chat channels, playing games ETC
are more important than Peoples lives but maybe that is the general thinking in the 21st century !
Let us hope there will be no more Earth quakes, Hurricanes, Floods, Tsunamis, Bush Fires, Cyclones, Tornados,
ETC when all normal communications means , Mobile phones, VHF/UHF repeaters are down and the only way to get through on HF will be blocked by those downloading MP3s on BPL.
There are BPL trials in VK7 VK1 and VK4 as well in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, England  ETC.
I do hope BPL will fail miserably after all it is not needed as we got ADSL normal broadband for the internet.
To sum up`- We must surport the W.I.A. or your countrys radio organizations who are trying to stop this madness.

                              BPL will cause DEATHS!