On this page you can listen to samples of 6 metre DX signals received in Melbourne since the early eighties. Some of the contacts were conducted on 52 Mhz before we gained use of 50 Mhz.I highly recommend getting a copy of the G2 real audio player to listen to these sound files.
Finally I would like to thank Gil VK3AUI (SK 27/11/03) for the loan of his 6m DX log tapes since I have lost mine.

 KH6EQI BeaconReception of the six metre beacon from Hawaii in 1982 and is
still running today.
  VK7RNT Beacon Reception via Aurora, you will notice a high level of distortion characteristic for this mode of propagation.
  W6XJ One of the first VK3 to USA 6m cw contacts in 1982 on 52 Mhz, USA contacts became more common when we got 50 Mhz returned.
 XE1GE Geoff from Mexico recorded by VK2FLR  89/90 period.
 49.750 TV Video signals on 49.750 Mhz from Russia and China is a very good indicator for possible openings to JA and other countries this particular recording was made by VK2FLR, These signals are very commonly heard in Melbourne and with such strong signals that can cause TV crud on 50 Mhz.
VK0CK Keyer Recording from Graham VK6RO of VK0CK beacon from Antartica.
 H44DX Dx Signals from Solomon Is - VK6RO
 P29SIX 6 Metre beacon from Papua New Guinea
  XE1KK 6 Metre beacon from Mexico - VK3AUI
  ZFIDC DX from Cayman Island April 2000 - VK3AUI
  YN1SW Steve from Nicaragua April 2000 - VK3AUI
  T88JU    Kazu from Palau running 700 watts into 7 element Beam - VK3NM
  V73AT DX from Marshall Islands- VK3NM
  V31PC Don from Belize Central America - VK3AUI
 N5JHV DX from U.S.A. S 9 ++ signals 21/04/00 - VK3NM
VK6KXW VK6KXW as received in Nortern Ireland - GI0OTC
  VK8ZLX Peter as received in Northern Ireland - GI0OTC
 JA DOG PILE Typical Dog pile of JAs during a Six Metre opening.
  AH8A Dx from American Samoa working VK3OT.
  JY9NX Dx from Jordan 30/03/01-VK3AUI
  9M6BAA Dx from East Malaysia - VK3AUI

More 6 Metre DX sound clips can be found on Graham's  VK6RO Web Site.

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