This is my collection of some QSL cards from each country worked and confirmed on 6 Metres.
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73 Lionel VK3NM VK6DC

VK3ABR Australia   VK9LE Lord Howe Island   VK9ZB Willis Island   3D2ER Fiji
FK1TS New Caledonia   VK0AP MacQuarie Island   H44PT Solomon Islands  P43AS Aruba
P29BH Papua New Guinea  JA3YMK Japan  VS5DX Brunei  VS6BE Hong Kong
N6AMG/KH8 American Samoa  AH3C/KH5J Jarvis Island  KG6DX Guam
V31PC Belize
ZL4AS New Zealand  T88JU Palau  TG9AWS Guatemala  ZK2RD Niue Island
XF4L Revillagigedo  ZL7OY Chatham Island  XE1MD Mexico  W5UWB U.S.A.
ZL9TJD Snares Island   KX6DS Marshall Islands  ZK1WL Cook Islands
KP4A Puerto Rico
T30DJ Kiribati  T20JT Tuvalu  YJ8KM New Herbrides  VK9NS Norfolk Island
WA4TNV/KL7 Alaska  KH6IAA Hawaii
9M6BAA East  Malaysia   3D2AG Rotuma Island

 The following cards are of more notable contacts on VHF/UHF

 VK2ZAB 144 Mhz QSO via aircraft enhancment.
 VK4AGQ Meteor scatter QSO from Melbourne to Brisbane
 VK5NY 1296 Mhz FM 400 mile QSO with 1 watt
 VK6AOM My first 432 Mhz QSO to VK6
 VK7ZNS 2 metre AM mobile QSO with 600mw into a halo aerial.
 VK8ZLX 2 metre sporadic E contact to Alice Springs.
 SM6FZD Oscar 10 QSO into Sweden on mode b 435/145 Mhz.
 PA0JMV Oscar 10 QSO into Holland on mode b 435/145 Mhz
 ZL1UD 2 Metre QSO into New Zealand from Newcastle NSW on tropo.

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