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160 metres being a band like 6 metres offers challenges just above the AM broadcast band is not the easiest band to work DX, operating portable or mobile ETC.
Some AM portable radios can be adjusted to receive 160 metres by adjusting the local oscillator, Car radios can be also adjusted up but they can be very difficult and would suggest using an old unit with AM only.
In Melbourne at 11 AM Monday to Saturday  the "coffee break net" on 1843 Khz is very popular with a lot of the Old timers using their homebrew AM transmitters and others using commercial rigs like me using my IC-706MK2G when I go portable.
The 11 AM 160 Metre coffee break net been operating for as long as I can remember first listening in the Sixties on My transistor radio when I was a S.W.L on 1825 Khz.
Some of the regulars from those days to the present included Henry VK3EN sk, Lin VK3ARL sk, Herb VK3JO sk, Ken VK3GK sk, Jerry VK3ABS, John VK3ACA ETC.
Henry VK3EN ran the net for many years with a very commanding voice since he constructed the 2 way radio system for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade " VKN8 " on about 1620 Khz.
Herb VK3JO ran the net every day up to the time he became a silent Key in 2005.
Other stations who appeared on the coffee break net and ran late night crossband sessions were Dave VK3ASE who is still doing the sessions and Tony VK3AML who is not active on these days.
There is plenty of SSB and CW contacts on the "Top Band" all around Australia and Overseas Eric VK3AX in Emerald works a lot of DX using various antennas and so Bill VK6AS in Boulder used a 1/4 wave vertical  putting in a very strong signal into Melbourne during the 70s.
Many years ago Tim VK3IM worked into the USA whilst mobile in the Melbourne CBD on CW.
While I was in Perth I heard some VK3s with very good signals with my 14 ft helical from City Beach on new years eve.
Another local Melbourne station who does well with mobile operation is Grant under the callsigns  VK3RW , VK3GRT and now VK3HP he sure knows how to make 160 Metre antennas work.
Peter VK3YE also go portable on 160 Metres from various locations around Melbourne
using home-brew rigs, FT-817 and lately using an old Marine AM transceiver running 10
watts  sometimes using his magnetic loop antenna or wire aerials held up by his squid pole.
I managed using my helical worked VI5PN I.O.T.A station portable on St Peter Island just off Ceduna  South Australia.
So to sum up - 160 metres is like 6 metres "The more you put in the more you will get out"

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