Other Radio Links
Below the line is a list of various radio links including Government data bases, Radio Societies, Radio Clubs, Radio Shops, Plus a few strange radio links - so enjoy.

VK3JMA      Mark's web site with information on licencing and packet radio
VK3DYL      Gwen's very nice web site
VK2QF         A  very interesting web site with lots of links.
VK3CAT      Tony's Web Site - Nice pictures of his shack and Cats
VK3YE          Peter Parker's web page for links and projects etc.
VK3CSJ    Clint's very interesting Web Site - APRS SSTV ATV etc.
VK3JED       Tony's home page - public transport mobile operation ETC.
  A.C.M.A           Australian Communication Authority.
  F.C.C           Federal Communication Commission for information on radio
                       regulations in the United States of America.
  A.B.A .      Australian Broadcasting Authority - AM/FM and TV stations
  E.M.D.R.C   Eastern and Mountain District Radio Club web site.
  G.G.R.E.C   Gippsland Gate Radio and Electronics Club web site.
 QRZ.COM    World  online ham radio callsign data base.
 QSL.NET      Data Bases and personal Ham web sites including mine.
  I.R.L.P          Internet link of repeaters project web site - list of nodes ETC.
  L.I.P.D          Our 70cm and other bands are under threat by Low  powered
                        non - amateur devices.
  THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN A strange but funny radio site from England
      WARNING - May offend some people.
 9M6AAC Hillview Hotel Where visiting hams to Malaysia can rent a fully equipt ham shack
160 METRE MISSIONS Dave's  VK3ASE "Mr Stu" 160 Metre missions web site
  RADIO AUSTRALIA Radio Australia web site.
 V.O.A              Voice of America web site
 J.A.R.L. Web site of the Japanese Amateur  Radio League.
  10 - 10 INTERNATIONAL 10 - 10 Club web site.
 Conversion of AM radios to 160 Metres Article from the Stu's  VK3ASE Web Site.
  R.S.G.B.        Radio Society of Great Britain web page.
  MELBOURNE FOX HUNT For those who are into A.R.D.F.
  SUNSPOT      Information on sunspot numbers and cycles.
  STRICTLY HAM Ham radio outlet in Bayswater Victoria. - Currently off line.
  WWV TIME STANDARD STATION Web site from Boulder Colorado U.S.A.
  ICOM AUSTRALIA   Icom Radio importer for Australia.
  S.E.T.I HOME PAGE Searching for extraterestial intellengent signals - real DX!
  GOLD FM 104.3 Oldies FM station from Melbourne Australia.
  MELBOURNE ATV SITE Amateur Television web site.
  BBC WEB SITE    The BBC excellent Web site including live feeds.
  W.I.A. Federal Web Site of the Wireless Institute of Australia.
 VK2THN    A very fascinating Web site with all sorts of pages.
  BUCKMASTER Look up any Amateur callsign in the World
  PACKET RADIO Excellent packet radio Web site, All you need to know.
  W5WWW Web Site Very good Ham and Law Enforcement site.
  VK3RHF Melbourne 10 Metre repeater Web site - 29.640 Mhz FM.
  S.E.R.G Web site South East Radio Group - Mt Gambier VK5SR.
  NO CODE  Web site dedicated to abolish CW exams for Ham licences.
  VK3NM DXCC LIST Handy for locating  that DX station worked on 6.
  IPS Site   Ionospheric Prediction Service Web Page.
  Heavens Above An excellent on line satellite tracking web site.
 M.D.R.C    Moorabbin and District Radio Club
  VK3NM Long Wave web site MyLong wave Web Site.
  K1DWU Web Site   A very BIG site with over 4500 links.
 VK2CA Web Site Lot of information , Links and where to get a web ring for site.
  Summerland Amateur Radio Club  This site include repeater linkings
  Radio Links Listen to Radio Stations and Watch Television via the internet.
  Radio and Electronics School Online Study for your ham ticket with trial exams on theory and cw
   KO6YO Web Site  Many Interesting Ham and Cycling links
  Papua New Guinea Amateur Radio Society   Great Web Site from P29
 3AW Melbourne AM talk back station 1278 Khz.
 E HAM Site A compensive site for reviews and owners comments of all Ham rigs from early days to  the latest on the market.
  FT-101 Information Site A very compensive information web site of all  models of the Yaesu  FT-101.
  Orlando Amateur Radio Club Web Site Great Site from Florida U.S.A.
  New Zealand Radio Spectrum Management Information on Radio Regulations in New Zealand.
 G3SEK Web Site Techinical web site on amplifiers etc. Very compensive.
 Echolink play Amateur radio with your computer DX repeaters ETC Excellent Site.
 Rippletech Amateur Products  Antennas, Baluns etc products from Tony VK3TZ.
 F.A.M.P.A.R.CFrankston and Mornington Peninsula Amateur Radio Club
 My 160 Metre Web Site Information on the Top Band in Melbourne with links ETC

If you find any of the links that do not work please let me know and I will fix it up - 73 Lionel VK3NM/VK6DC