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Japan the land of the rising sun is home to many thousands of radio hams eager to work you on 50 Mhz, some openings lasting for many hours with some of the biggest dogpiles you will ever hear.

Japanese 6 metre amateurs conduct their operation in a most gentlemenly fashion for they will keep your frequency clear if
asked to standby while you call QRZ for a DX station from another country.

JA stations run from very low power to high power stations with huge antenna arrays, sometime mobile stations are worked during good openings.

Working JAs on six I find most enjoyable and lot of them have put in a lot of work into 6 with some obtaining their DXCC.

If you ever have a look at a great circle map centred on Tokyo you will see that they do have the "box seat" for 6m DX.

There are many very attractive awards that can be earned on six metres, some are easy while some requires more work to obtain, but like the old saying "the more you put in the more you will get out", it adds more interest to the hobby.

Below are sample awards with brief describtion on each - more information can be obtained from the  JARL WEB SITE

Contacts to 100 cities required with
endorsements for additional 100 cities

Contacts  with 100 different " GUNS"
being regional congregation of towns
and villages.

One contact from each JA call areas
JA1 to JA0.

Contacts to 100 different JA stations.

Japan is divided into 47 administrative districts
or prefectures - 1 QSO from each prefectures is
required for this award.
 Click hereFor a list of JA prefectures

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