This page is for technical articles of interest for the 6 metre operator
including antennas, amplifiers, etc. If you have any articles that be
off interest please E-Mail them to me and I will put them onto this page.

73 Lionel VK3NM

 Longwire Antenna for 6 Metres

 Stacking 6 Metre Antennas

 Coaxial Cable Specifications

 Icom IC-706 Receive Modifications

 How to work DX when the 50 Mhz band is dead

 How to tune 6 metres on your 2 metre receiver.

 Tuning 6 Metres on your TV receiver

 6 Metre dipole article and SWR char

 Kenwood TS-680 Mods including 6 Metres

more to follow - stay tuned.
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