Welcome to VK3NM/VK6DC VK and ZL 6 Metre Award Page.

The awards listed below are available to any VK/ZL or DX stations to collect on six metres and some of them are quite easy to obtain.
73 Lionel VK3NM/VK6DC

                      Worked all VK call areas - W.A.VK.C.A
To qualify for this award is to work 3 stations in VK2,3,4,5,6,7 and 1 station from VK1,8,9,0.

                       Worked all states award - W.A.S.
One contact from each state of Australia - VK1 to VK8 required

                            VHF Century Club VHFCC
To obtain this award 100 QSOs with at least 70 VK stations and the remainder  30 DX stations.

               New Zealand Worked all District Award - W.A.D.
One contact from each ZL call Area ZL1 to ZL4  are required for this award.

More details can be obtained from W.I.A and N.Z.A.R.T web sites.
73 Lionel VK3NM/VK6DC

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