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DX Special Event Stations & Calls

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Foundation of the German Funk-Kartell 100 Years ago
The following special event stations call attention to the formation of the German Radio Cartel, a first
consortium of German broadcasting stations, 100 years ago: DB100FK, DC100FK, DD100FK, DF100FK,
DL100FK, DM100FK, DQ100FK, DR100FK, DM100MW, and DR100PE. QRV from January 1 until May
31, 2024. Confirmations will only be handled digitally: eQSL, LoTW, ClubLog, DCL, and a downloadable
'card'. Awards are also available, see:

95 Years of Amateur Radio Activity in Arad
Celebrating the 95th anniversary of the first amateur radio association in Romania's Arad County,
special callsigns YR95AR, YR95CC, YR95CH, YR95IN, YR95LI, YR95PE and YR95SE will be
active from February 16 until May 31, 2024. The event is being organised by C.S. Radioclub Admira
(YO2KBQ), the successor of the club that was established almost a century ago. Further information
along with award rules can be found at:

75th anniversary of NATO / OTAN
To mark the 75th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (4 April 1949), special event stations
PA75OTAN and PA75NATO will be active on April 1-19 and April 20-21, respectively. QSL via ClubLog OQRS,
LoTW, eQSL, or via the bureau. A certificate will be available, see for
information. During the weekend of April 20-21, several other special event stations are expected to be QRV
from various Cold War locations in the Netherlands: PA6KLD, PA75BBGB, PA75GOLF, PA75HS, PA75KLE,
PE75NATO, PG75NAVO and PH75NATO. A list of these stations, showing their locations is available at .

ISWL Club Callsigns
The International Short Wave League Club Callsigns in use for April 2024 are:

GX4BJC/A & GX4BJC/P - Operated by Herbie G6XOU from Walton on the Naze, Essex
                                  (/A WAB Square TM22, IOTA EU-005, WLOTA 1841)

MX1SWL/A - Not yet assigned.

QSL GX4BJC and MX1SWL calls via Dick M5DIK.
All calls via Bureau,, or direct with return postage. (No IRC's in the UK).
See for details.

URE - 75th Anniversary
The Union de Radioaficionados Espanoles, Spain's IARU member society, was founded April 1, 1949.
Celebrating URE's 75th anniversary, a month-long activity will take place from April 1 to 30. Look for
AO75URE and 18 other special stations representing the Autonomous Communities and Autonomous
Cities of the country: AO75AN (Andalucia), AO75AR (Aragon), AO75CA (Cantabria), AO75CL (Castilla
y Leon), AO75CM (Castilla-La Mancha), AO75CT (Cataluna), AO75CV (Comunidad Valenciana),
AO75EU (Euskadi i.e. Basque Country), AO75EX (Extremadura), AO75GA (Galicia), AO75IB (Islas
Baleares, EA6), AO75IC (Islas Canarias, EA8), AO75LR (La Rioja), AO75MA (Madrid), AO75MC
(Melilla and Ceuta, EA9), AO75MU (Murcia), AO75NA (Navarra), AO75PA (Principado de Asturias).
In addition, CQ75URE will be active from Portugal. Awards available, see
for detailed information, logsearch and OQRS (to be activated after April 30).

EUDOTA: Europe Day "on the air" 2024
This year, 9 May is on Thursday, but we will be active from Friday 3 until Sunday 12, the whole week,
with the special callsigns: AO1EU, AO2EU, AO3EU, AO4EU, AO5EU, AO6EU, AO7EU, AO8EU and
AO9EU, to commemorate the creation of the EU in 1950.
As usual, special QSL and Award will be available. Contact also valid for the Radio Clubs of the World
Award, EANET.
Follow the event through the hashtag: #eudota.

All Bulgarian Saints 2024  00.00 UTC on 1 January through 23.59 UTC on 31 December 2024

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