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DX Special Event Stations & Calls

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50th anniversary of the Worked All Britain Awards Group  special calls and awards

The following ISWL club callsigns will be used throughout the month of August 2019:
GX4BJC/A - No Operator has been allocated yet.
MX1SWL/A - Operated /A, from Walton on the Naze, in Essex, by Herbie, G6XOU
(WAB Square - TM22 - England, IOTA EU-005, WLOTA 1841).
ALL QSLs will be handled by Dick, M5DIK - The QSL Manager and NOT the
individual operator.
The I.S.W.L. is a member of the European PSK Club. All QSL info is on
( or ( or ( or via (
NO LoTW. [TNX Pete's DX Newsdesk]

FT8DMC Anniversary Activity Weeks 2019
To commemorate the 2nd anniversary, eight special event stations will be on air during the
"FT8DMC Activity Days" between August 10-24th. All stations will bear the FTDMC or FTDM
suffix, referring to the second anniversary of the "FT8 Digital Mode Club". Special
QSL-cards will confirm all QSOs and all logs will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL. The
following stations will be active:
A91FTDMC (Bahrain,  Operator A92AA, QSL via A92AA)
II8FTDM (Italy, Operator IK8YFU, QSL via IK8YFU)
LX8FTDM (Luxembourg, Operators LX1TI, LX1JH, LX1HD, QSL via LX1TI)
OD5FTDMC (Lebanon, Operator OD5TE, QSL via K3IRV)
OE19FTDMC (Austria, Operators OE1SGU and OE4VIE, QSL via OE1SGU)
TM8FTDM (France, Operators F1ULQ and F4ESV, QSL via F1ULQ)
TO8FTDM (Guadeloupe, Operator FG8OJ, QSL via F1ULQ)
ZL6FTDMC (New Zealand, Operator ZL1MVL, QSL via F1ULQ)
[TNX OPDX Bulletin]

The Silesian Uprisings
Special callsigns 3Z1919PS, HF1919PS, SN1919PS, SO1919PS, SP1919PS and
SQ1919PS will be activated from 15 August to 15 September to commemorate
the centenary of the first Silesian Uprising (16-24 August 1919). The Silesian
Uprisings were a series of three armed conflicts in Upper Silesia from 1919 to
1921 in which Poles and Polish Silesians sought to break away from Germany
and join the new Polish Republic, founded after World War I. A certificate will
be available; see for information.
[TNX 425 DX News]

The 22nd annual International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend will take place from
00.01 UTC on 17 August until 24.00 UTC on the 18th. Complete information on
this popular event, including a list of announce participating stations, can be
found at [TNX 425 DX News]

Baltc Way 30
On 23 August 1989 hundreds of thousands people formed a human chain spanning across
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, demanding the reestablishment of the independence of
the Baltic States. Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the "Baltic Way", memorial
stations ES30WAY, LY30WAY and YL30WAY will be active on 19-25 August. This is a
joint project of the amateur radio societies of Estonia (Eesti Raadioamatooride Uhing,
ERAU), Lithuania (Lietuvos Radijo Megeju Draugija, LRMD) and Latvia (Latvijas Radio
Amatieru Liga, LRAL). QSLs via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW and eQSL. A certificate will be
available; see for instructions. [TNX 425 DX News]

HAPPY 150th (Hiram Percy Maxim Birthday Celebration)
The ARRL is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of ARRL's first president
and cofounder Hiram Percy Maxim (HPM), W1AW, born on September 2nd, 1869.
The ARRL will hold an operating event this summer to celebrate HPM's legacy from
0000 UTC on August 31st, and continue until 2359 UTC on September 8th. It is open
to all radio amateurs. W1AW and all ARRL members will append "/150" to their
callsigns during this event (DX operators who are ARRL members may operate as
[call sign]/150, if permitted by their country of license.) For more details, see the
ARRL Web page at:

500th Anniversary of the First Voyage Around the Globe
The VIC Amateur Radio Contest DX Club (4U1A) will be active as 4U500M on 1-30
September to mark the 500th anniversary of the first voyage around the globe,
started in 1519 under the lead of Ferdinand Magellan. This activity count for
Austria for DXCC, and for the Vienna International Centre for the CQ DX
Marathon. QSL via UA3DX, direct or bureau. See
for information about the award programme. [TNX 425 DX News]

5th Annual RST Special Event
Members of the North Country DX Association (NCDXA club K7ICE) will be on HF
celebrating their 5th Annual "Worked All RST" special event starting Jan. 1, 2020,
running through February 28th. Phone, CW and all the Digital modes will be
covered from northern North America promoting Amateur Radio! Full color QSLs
and free certificates are available. QSL manager is K7ICE (please see QSL
instructions for K7ICE at Alaska KL7RST operators are: Donn/KL7DG
(Kotlik school), Corliss/AL1G (Anchorage), Ron/KL7YK (Anchorage), Tim/NL8F
(Dutch Harbor) and Bill/KL7IDA (Tok). Canadian operators: VY1RST - Bob/VY1MB
(Whitehorse); VE8RST - Garth/VE8NSD (Hay River); VY0RST - Pierre/VE3KTB/VY0
and Alex/VE1RUS/VY0 (Eureka), Mike/VY0CF (Rankin Inlet); "wildcard" operator
Chris/VE3CBK as N1RAC/VE3 and OX7RST by Bo/OZ1DJJ. Of special interest,
the students from Kotlik school (KL7RST) will be gaining air time while obtaining
their Amateur Radio permits. Operators Pierre and Alex coming on from 80N,
Eureka on Ellesmere Island (VY0RST), and Tim (KL7RST) operating from the
2nd rock out on the end of Alaska's Aleutian Chain. For more details and a free
RST certificate, see:  [TNX OPDX Bulletin]

All Bulgarian Saints 2019  00.00 UTC on 1 January through 23.59 UTC on 31 December 2019

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