Ham Radio -
Bridge to the world
Modern techniques of telecommunication and special interest in meeting people of other cultures are reasons to become radio amateur (e.g. HAM)  
You will find realtime radio propagation information and solarflux data,      important for shortwave communication, technical projects, television hints and forms to obtain guest license in many foreign countries world wide to do your own Dxpedition, on this page.  
 click for real time propagation on F-layer
What is HAM Radio ? 
How to become a Ham
Typical ham station 
Tone Decoders -CTCSS 
Antennas homemade
Amateur television  ATV
Dxpeditions to foreign countries
Guest-license world wide
Dxpedition to Maldives   8Q7BZ
Field Strenght Meter-homemade
 Listen online- Webreceivers
Mobile Hf antenna -homemade
 Dxpedition to Corfu Island 
Dxpedition to Guernsey Island
  Dxpedition to Florida
 automatic Smartuner SG237 
 Hochram ATV repeater 
 HAMRADIO 1999 pic gallery 

Solar flux today  

Propagation now MUF online!  

Sunspot number today
MUF diagram
Austrian Ham Radio Club Homepage
Austrian Amateur Radio Society 
Österr.Versuchssender Verband 
( OeVSV )  repeater map,...
ADL 303 Mödling 
RADIO Club South-Vienna area 
Best Photo gallery of Clubbing in Vienna!
Mike Zwingl  OE3MZC
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live Video and Audio broadcast of Space shuttle missions or satellite launches.
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