Transmit live video and audio from your station!

Amateur television test picture

Use a cheap Satellite receiver (900-1750Mhz) with 23cm Yagi antenna to watch amateur television activities on your local ATV repeater on 1250 Mhz or 1280 Mhz in FM-TV. 
Hams use the same standard as ASTRA/Eutelsat broadcast satellites ( PAL with subcarrier ) 

Many transmitter kits are available for 23cm,13cm and 3cm band. Often a PLL or Cristal oszillator is not necessary for ATV, since bandwith is more than 12 Mhz. Output power of 0,5Watt can easily be pushed to 20 Watts using a PA-module from mobile phones. Wellknown supliers in Europe are: 

RSE     GRAF    Koeditz    KUHNE 

             Video Squelch 

Often you may want to switch on your television or videorecorder automatically, when there is activity on the local amateur  television  repeater . The following cicuit allowes you to detect the video signal by its significant sync-signal  (15,625 kc in  European PAL/SECAM)

OE3XOS  ATV Repeater near Vienna
German ATV-Club German ATV-Club offers monthly newsletters and other informations on the web. 
Also a European Television repeater list is available. 
You will find some homebrew projects
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