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Typical Ham Radio Station consists of antennas, transceivers for different frequencies, computer, and some analyzer equipment. Often you will find Power Amplifiers, up to legal power limits.

HF and Satellite antennas of OE3MZC In Europe large antenna towers are more difficult to errect, due to environmental restrictions. It is essential to have a very effective antenna system to cover all bands and operation modes you want to be active. In my case it is a 4 Element beam antenna covering 20m,17m,15m,12m,10m bands with abt. 7dbd gain. For satellite operation ( OSCAR10 ) and SSB-DX cross yagis for 144mc and 435mc offer horizontal and vertical polarisation and 10 to 16 dbd gain. Azimuth and elevation rotators turn the yagis in ervery position. 
Sample Station Equipment:     (left to right) 
SCS Pactor Controller,MFJ 16010 antenna tuner, DCF77 timer, Kenpro Roator, Datong NF filter, remote antenna switch SSB, Kenwood TS 850S Hf-TRX, Yaesu elevation rotator, Infrared headphone, ECS-NiCd charger, Diamond SWR meter, FT290R VHF allmode TRX, 144Mc-PA- 180Watts, Yaesu FT790R UHF TRX, 430Mc-PA-140Watts, ATV-1280Mc-TRX,Sat-RX, Packet Radio Laptop PC and a Keyer... 
Station equipment of OE3MZC for HF,VHF,UHF and ATV
a versatile solution Diamond X7000 
Tonna 144Mc 2x10el Yagi 10dbd 
Tonna 435Mc 2x19el Yagi 16dbd 
Tonna 1270Mc 35el horiz.-Yagi 18dbd 
140-970mc Log Periodic  8dbd 
Mosley TA53 ,4el. Beam 14-30Mc 7dbd 
turn radius 4,5m 
Elevation rotator, azimuth rotator 
long wire antenna 1,8-30Mc Smart Tuner 
Peaktech Oscilloscope  2020Gn 20Mhz 

Peaktech System 4100A 
Frequency counter 0-1,3Ghz 
Functiongenerator 0-2Mhz 
Multimeter V,A,Cap,Logic 
Power Supply 0-30Volt 

Scope & Function Generator

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