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Wienerwald Gablitz   JN88CE

Located some kilometers west of Vienna a new amateur television repeater has been installed by members of the Radio Club ADL303. 
The location offers direct line of sight into Vienna area and some valleys west of Vienna, near Gablitz and Purkersdorf ( locator: JN88CE ). 
live video action captured from ATV repeater near Vienna
Gerhard, OE3DFC, on the mast mounting two 23cm antennas
The repeater is located in abt. 450m above sealevel overlooking the area. It offers TV-links to OE1XCB, the strong 2,4 Ghz ATV repeater in Vienna (Wienerberg) and herewith switchable videolinks to Slovenia and Germany (future). 
The hardware was built by OE3DFC and OE3MZC, using old SAT-receiver front-ends with I²C-bus and programmable AFC. A 23cm transmitter from RSE is fed by a baseband signal, including all audio- subcarriers. The initial output power is amplified from 500mW to 40 Watt using a Mitsubishi module M57762 from Prinz. 
A power-splitter transfers the power into two distinct antenna systems , covering different geographical areas. 
For remote control reasons a TRX runs permanently on 433.050 Mhz receiving DTMF code.( 44127 ...TX on ) 
ATV Repeater hardware 19

INPUT frequency:    2410 Mhz    +-10Mhz Video, Audio carrier 6,5Mhz

OUTPUT frequency:  1280 Mhz    15 Mhz bandwith F8W FM-ATV
Power:      about 40 Watt into 10 element yagi
Link frequency:  2440 Mhz from OE1XCB ATV-Wienerberg,Vienna
DTMF Frequency:  433.050 Mhz F2B DTMF  44127
MODE:  FM-ATV in ASTRA mode with reduced bandwith or all other digital highspeed modes (linear transponder for 15 Mhz).
View from repeater location towards VIENNA city area 
Great view towards Vienna and a direct line of sight for Microwave FM-ATV  !
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