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 What is a DX-Pedition?  
 Maldive Islands - 8Q7BZ 

Organise your own DXpedition:  
 SV8/OE3YCB/p on IOTA DXpedition in Greece 

Ham operators want to make contacts with each single part of the world, even the most exotic! 
DX groups travel to these places and operate from there on all HF bands to make a new DXCC country available to the world of ham radio. Often a lot of money and equipment  is necessary to make rare DX from small islands in the Antarctica or Pacific possible. 
IOTA Island Listing
When you plan to visit foreign countries on vaccation so why don't you take your rig with you and spend some time in the evening  on the radio?! Ask the authority for a license in advance, otherwise you will have troubles entering the country with your equipment. 
Check here for a guest license abroad
We already activated several IOTA -islands: 


 HF- propagation prediction now !